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Which apparently, I might add... wasn't at... "I might kill another human being"..."Andrew Caswell, 29, of Jamestown Terrace, had apparently struck the deer on Hincher Road and was driving it to Unity Hospital for treatment, said Greece Police Capt. Steve Chatterton."
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"There isn’t enough money on the planet that could make me confess to being beaten up by Liza Minnelli."
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Didn't Toronto's last Mayor say he was gonna stop all the violence by closing down all the shooting ranges?"The victim, believed to be 19 years old, was shot in the back while in the Lawrence Avenue East and Galloway Road area, a spokesperson with Toronto EMS says."Galloway, Galloway... that sounds so familiar.
halls of macadamia | more | posted October 22nd the United States..."At the end of August, physiotherapy services provided to frail elderly in retirement and long-term care homes and in the community — simply to keep them mobile and active — were delisted from OHIP to save $67 million a year."And this is where Premier Wynne thinks she should start chopping? I thought the Liberals were supposed to be the "healthcare" party.
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"Where does it say in the Constitution that the government can steal from me and give it to somebody else? It doesn’t, which mean MY rights are now being trampled."AND..."This is a bit more 'compassionate' than my position. If they can’t work, help them. If they won’t work, f&ck them."(via SDA)
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...First Nations playbook..."When organizers thanked the OPP for their understanding and patience at their act of civil disobedience, the crowd responded with warm applause."Is taking advantage of the erosion of lawful civil authority a good thing? It'll be interesting to see where this sort of thing takes us.
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C'mon, go ahead & say it... St Jamestown. Police say the victim was found with three gunshot wounds outside a highrise apartment building (at Wellesley and Parliament Street) around 10 p.m.Geez, I thought Mayor Moonbeam had solved that problem before he moved on to greener pastures..."Nobody can deny that hobby directly results in people being shot and killed on the streets of our city," Mille
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"By the time the campaign rolls around she'll be swearing she flew one of the helicopters."
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It's just like OJ Simpson told us. Somebody simply has to be brave enough to get out there... and chase down the real murderers.
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...more actual reporting..."In this case, the [Canadian] government – one that Mr. Greyson and Mr. Loubani viscerally despise – applied the heat at the highest level. Foreign Minister John Baird even met with his Egyptian counterpart. These two should kiss Mr. Baird’s feet. But I wouldn’t hold my breath."Here's a newsflash for John Greyson. Come the new Caliphate, I can simply g
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It seems David Suzuki has expensive tastes for someone who wants to shut down the carbon economy within a generation. His primary residence is valued at around $8,200,000.00. Suzuki owns four properties in some very exclusive areas. One of his properties includes part of an island he shares with an oil company, among others.And yet Suzuki still manages to present himself as a humble little eco
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Yet again, wasteful, eco-terrorist neocon greedheads... wait a minute... Miller’s annual report also slammed the Liberals for gutting the ministry through budget cuts and regulatory changes that weaken important safeguards for provincial parks, species at risk and hunting. Cuts to regulations, staff and programs at the ministry are “short-sighted and regressive” and pose significant ecol
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Robbing banks is for dimbulb, troglodyte thugs... meet the American cousin of Canada's "Long Gun Registry." Remember, there's gold in them thar hills. ********** UPDATE: Hope, change and... OMG!!!On Oct. 4, the debt held by the public — not including Social Security and Medicare — had risen 89.3 percent since Mr. Obama took office, according to, a nonprofit project
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...the Green premier... you know, the guy who gave all that taxpayer green to his friends. Why all the sad faces? The good news here is that somebody walks away with a billion dollar windfall."When Mr. McGuinty pulled the plug on the Oakville plant in the fall of 2010, Auditor-General Bonnie Lysyk found, the Liberals did not take advantage of contract provisions that protected the province fr
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...without "community organisers" and "society columnists"..."Lobbying for the release of extremist activists may be noble. It may even be just. But it’s not reporting. It’s cheerleading." "And 99% of Canada’s media did that. And they told the one guy who wasn’t to fuck off."Go Ezra.
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...daily allotment of medical marijuana and encouraged to assemble in small, easily managed groups to embroider flowery handkerchiefs and sing heartwarming show tunes.
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In Liberal-run Ontario... everybody is a "Wynner"...The large salaries and bonuses drawn down by 2015 Pan Am Games executives were necessary to win the major sporting event, Premier Kathleen Wynne says.How large, you ask?Games CEO Ian Troop pulls a $390,000 base salary but could see that figure topped by a $780,000 bonus if he completes his term and meets budget and timeline targets.Yes, that's
halls of macadamia | more | posted October 7th many Che Guevara t-shirts you think you'd find...
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"The clip would be hilarious if it wasn’t a tragic reflection of how dumbed down and ignorant of basic facts Americans have become in the modern era. Given that a substantial percentage of them don’t even know that Obama is a Democrat, how could they possibly hope to understand things like Obamacare or the government shut down?"The scary, scary truth about the great unwashed.
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Canada's national broadcaster nails it yet again... just what exactly is it about compassionate, intellectual Toron... wait a minute... "Prosecutor Matt Miazga said George was shot five times in ten seconds with a .22 calibre Smith and Wesson handgun. He managed to make it across the street before collapsing. He died later in hospital."And what about that Hogtown hell-raiser?"Defense lawyer N
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...the real story is in the comments...Charles Schumer, "We must do more to keep these violent CARS out of the hands of criminals."********** RELATED: MSM to the rescue... ...if only we had listened to the President..."Washington Post columnist Petula Dvorak uses her piece today to implicitly make the case that Obamacare and gun control might have been able to prevent yesterday's police
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From the folks who brought you... "Never let a crisis go to waste"... "Honor Flights, which bring WWII veterans to the nation’s memorials, are planned a year in advance and cost anywhere between $80,000 to $100,000." "How low can you get with playing politics over our nation’s veterans?"(via SDA)
halls of macadamia | more | posted October 2nd native peoples offer to contribute corporate expertise...The head of the Assembly of First Nations signalled a renewed willingness to work with the feds on major resource development projects.I'm just happy that Canada's aboriginal communities have solved all those other pesky little problems that were stopping their communities from assuming these larger responsibilities.
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In other "broad strata of society" news...Aiman “Bigz” Khiar, 24, Jerome “Germz” Bent, 22, Dellan “Young” McMorris,” 23, Shakeil Wheatle, 19; Dwayne “Mafia” Willis, 20; Amanda “White Millie” Rumbolt, 29, Jathursan “Yadi” Rajarubakumar, 22, Bershon “Bread” Roach-Ferguson, 20, Jerome Bent, 22, Amanda Rumbolt, 29, Shakeil Wheatle, 22.Here's a parenting tip... if your
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...who brought you My Lai & Abu Ghraib... let's face it, this guy is a liberal's wet dream come true...It doesn't take much to fire up Hersh, the investigative journalist who has been the nemesis of US presidents since the 1960s and who was once described by the Republican party as "the closest thing American journalism has to a terrorist".Of course, he's less celebrated when he turns his cr
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...get to cook and eat it? Actually, scrub that... my first question is, "What sort of new-age hippie throwback would... oh, wait..."Umbilical cord non-severance, popular with early western European settlers in America, was revived in the 1980s by yoga practitioners exploring natural birth.Ah, yes... the wisdom of the east. Another progressive practice from the poster-continent for appalling
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...I just wanna hear him belt out a little ditty about Mohammed... Until recently, Rolf Dinsdale was a member of the punk rock band Shit From Hell, along with longtime Liberal strategist Warren Kinsella. The band's songs include “Horny Single Mom” and “Jesus Got Wood.” The video for the latter features a writhing woman and the lyrics, “Baby you're going to get impaled.”Now, don't y
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...I double-dawg dare you...A member of the Toronto 18 terror group that planned attacks on Canadian targets nearly a decade ago has died while fighting in Syria, CTV News has confirmed. Ali Mohamed Dirie served two years in prison for his role in the plot to blow up the Parliament buildings and other landmarks, assassinate the prime minister and kidnap politicians.What... 2 whole years and he
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First, he organised Chicago...
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...for his Great Greenie Gitmo just got a little longer...
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No wonder Al-Shabaab thinks we're ripe for the picking...In a body-popping bid for wider understanding, scientists from Australia to the Netherlands are making interpretive dance videos based on their Ph.D. dissertations. To make an esoteric thesis come alive, they leap, swoon, spin and krump. The performances -- all captured on video and posted online -- belong to an annual international
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...everybody knows that Obama rides sidesaddle...
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Isn't a man who will have 24/7 bodyguards for the rest of his life, a man who will be taken directly to the front of every conceivable waiting line... isn't such a man the very definition of the despicable 1 percent? $621 billion is a pretty eye-glazing number. Most readers will find it easier to think about how this number translates to a typical American family—the very family candidate Oba
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...Canadians can get shot at...
halls of macadamia | more | posted September 22nd wow a former part-time Summer Camp Counsellor? Watching Freeland talk, it’s easy to see why Trudeau finds her impressive. She has all the latest buzzwords and jargon. In a 60-second interview last week, she used the phrase “tipping point” four times. She loves talking about “millennials.” She’s not a policy adviser. She’s a pundit. She doesn’t know a lot about economics
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...reaches for a new low...
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"Well, I see nothing wrong here that couldn't be fixed with a few drums of tar and a half ton of feathers."
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Looks like Hogtown has their own "Son of Sam" wannabe...Homicide detectives have been called in to investigate the shooting this week of a 25-year-old man who remains in "critical and grave condition" in hospital. A police report said the victim was shot through the closed front passenger window. The man was rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries.And never mind robbing banks and
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And, of course, no more astrophysics, as the term "black hole" has now been officially erased from the lexicon... -- TORONTO -- Ontario Progressive Conservatives have issued an apology for calling the Liberal Scarborough subway plan a “train wreck” on the same day that at least six people died in a bus-train crash in Ottawa.It's official... when you start to fall over yourselves about p
halls of macadamia | more | posted September 18th this Justin Trudeau's next policy triumph?The Södertörn District Court has now acquitted the 65-year old in a judgement which stated that it "may be proven that the man exposed himself and masturbated on this occasion". However, the court added that no offence had been committed as the masturbating man was not pleasuring himself towards a specific person. When asked if it was now
halls of macadamia | more | posted September 18th full of prunes... -- OTTAWA -- Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau declined to make a connection between his marijuana policy and his mother's relationship with the drug, heavy use of which she has said contributed to her own experiences with mental illness. "Marijuana can trigger psychosis," she said. "Every time I was hospitalized it was preceded by heavy use of marijuana."Every time
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