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Gotta draw the line somewhere, huh?
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Which apparently, I might add... wasn't at... "I might kill another human being"..."Andrew Caswell, 29, of Jamestown Terrace, had apparently struck the deer on Hincher Road and was driving it to Unity Hospital for treatment, said Greece Police Capt. Steve Chatterton."
halls of macadamia | more | posted December 22nd, 2011

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...the New York Times screws up and lets one through...Michael Nutter, a former Philadelphia mayor, who is black, said that society would not be so complacent if whites were dying from gun violence at the same rate as blacks. Mr. Nutter, now an urban policy professor at Columbia University, spoke out repeatedly about the disparity during his eight years as Philadelphia’s mayor — and was accus
halls of macadamia | more | posted 21 hours ago
I'm just waiting for the inevitable "French Poodle in a Ballerina's body" to surface..."I'm definitely small and I tell myself, What's happened to you? You're small, what's wrong with you? Look at yourself, what have you done?"Yeah... not crazy at all.
halls of macadamia | more | posted 4 days ago
...no word on ethnicity... I'm surprised it even made the paper...He is the city's 30th murder victim of the year. Last year at this time there were 15 homicides in Toronto.Whaddaya wanna bet this guy doesn't get a special press conference from the Chief of Police?
halls of macadamia | more | posted 5 days ago
How do you like your immaculately coiffed feminist manchild now?“I have never seen any member of the House act towards another member or members as he just did,” Julian said. “Physical force in this House is never permitted, it is never welcome, and it is entirely inappropriate.”No, you dumbstick... it's not inappropriate... IT'S CRIMINAL.NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau said, “I was elbowed
halls of macadamia | more | posted 5 days ago
Kathleen Wynne for offering the bribes... or the Teacher's Union for taking it?TORONTO - Ontario gave teachers' unions approximately $80.5 million since 2000, including $22 million with "no strings attached," the province's auditor general said in a report released Wednesday.Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk also says she found no evidence of governments anywhere else in Canada doing the same thin
halls of macadamia | more | posted 5 days ago
...it starts right here..."Almost half of weed-smoking Canadian drivers say that they can safely operate a vehicle while stoned. Teenagers who drove under the influence of the drug said it either improved their performance behind the wheel or was no hindrance."Who am I to argue with the average Canadian teenage stoner?
halls of macadamia | more | posted 6 days ago
Toronto Homicide Squad starts rounding up local farmers, hunters and target shooters...These folks just seem to have the worst luck in the world...
halls of macadamia | more | posted May 16th
...provide free Islay single malt to homeless urban rubbies...“A significant body of scientific evidence supports the medical use of alcohol, also known as distillery-grade scotch, for the treatment of chronic relapsing alcohol dependence,” the department said in a news release issued Friday.I guess methadone is the Coors-Lite of the intravenous drug abuser menu.
halls of macadamia | more | posted May 16th
Based on his research, New York Times best-selling author, award-winning journalist and Jenner biographer Ian Halperin believes that Jenner will de-transition in the next couple of years, telling the public how difficult the transition was, but noting that she was happy to help raise awareness about transgender rights.So that's why Bruce has been hanging on to that pesky penis. It's the best of
halls of macadamia | more | posted May 12th
..the nagging feeling that your "victory" might not be all that it could be...When I went to the CBC for help, what I received in return was a directive that yes, he could do this, and yes, it was my job to let him. The relentless message to me, from my celebrity boss and from the national institution we worked for was that his whims were more important than my humanity or my dignity. So I came
halls of macadamia | more | posted May 12th
...with Justin Trudeau's "most admired" government..."At Apple, we are deeply committed to making sure everyone in our supply chain is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. Our team works hard to raise the bar every year to improve working conditions, provide educational opportunities, push for higher standards of living, and protect human rights."
halls of macadamia | more | posted May 11th
...to separation of Church and State...Public transport has been chosen for the Islamic re-branding in London, Manchester, Leicester, Birmingham, and Bradford – all UK locations with high and growing Muslim populations, reports the Sunday Times.That the announcement of the new campaign came the day after London crowned its first Muslim leader, Mayor Sadiq Khan. Islamic Relief called it a “nice
halls of macadamia | more | posted May 9th
"This technology sounds awesome. Let’s protect the president with it immediately."
halls of macadamia | more | posted May 5th
Why is there never a #Black Lives Matter spokesvictim around when you really, really need one?"Investigators believe the kidnapping was precipitated by a shootout involving the Young Buck Killas and the Queens Drive Crips that unfolded April 19 in the 25th-floor hallway of 300 Front St. W."It's a mystery.*********RELATED: #Only White Privilege Matters"We fought for this and we won, and in tha
halls of macadamia | more | posted May 5th
"...as pets... if we're very unlucky, they'll treat us as food."To accomplish such a complex task, the robot has seven degrees of freedom and an articulated suturing tool, as well as a sensor that can gauge suture tension. This combines with the vision system to accurately place sutures. What they hope to see is a future, not where humans are eradicated, but where humans assist robots rather t
halls of macadamia | more | posted May 5th
...promise to vet all those Syrian refugees?OTTAWA -- People with serious criminal records and others using potentially phoney addresses are among those who managed to secure Canadian citizenship, thanks to a system that doesn't do enough to root out fraud, the auditor general has found.In one instance, it took seven years for officials to cotton on to the fact a single address had been used by a
halls of macadamia | more | posted May 3rd
...tails we bend over and grab our ankles...The scale of the waste is so large as to be almost incomprehensible, which may explain why Ontario’s Auditor-General Bonnie Lysyk’s report was a one-day news wonder when it landed last December. Once the count gets into the hundreds of billions, the mind goes numb. If the province announced construction of the Burning Money Biomass Plant, fuelled b
halls of macadamia | more | posted May 2nd
...picture of the actual people who are involved...It was removed after the department “determined that some of the details and descriptions provided were inconsistent with the values of the UW spirit program and department of athletics.”This was a no-brainer. Even all my junk mail from Sears and Crappy Tire features mixed race couples and their ambiguously bi-racial progeny frolicking amongs
halls of macadamia | more | posted April 29th
...albeit with a fiercely glowing weapons grade platinum AMEX card...The official told AP Prince was found unconscious on the plane and given a shot of Narcan, which is a so-called ‘save-shot’ used in suspected opioid overdoses, when the jet was on the tarmac.Just another casualty of the "because it feels good" generation."Remember that naked restaurant in London that we told you about last
halls of macadamia | more | posted April 29th
The teens were reportedly tied to chairs, beaten, forced to perform sex acts and moved to different locations in the Flemingdon Road area of Lawrence Heights over the course of two days. Police also said the teens were forced to play Russian roulette with a loaded handgun.In other unspeakable acts news...The human remains found earlier this week in the St. Clair Avenue and Weston Road area belong
halls of macadamia | more | posted April 28th
Of course... you might not like the answer...Reading is about to become more expensive – and difficult – in Newfoundland and Labrador. To close a budget deficit, the province has announced it is closing 54 of 95 libraries. The move comes just days after Newfoundland became the country’s first province to institute a new 10-per-cent tax on books.**********RELATED: Gotta have prioritiesB.C.
halls of macadamia | more | posted April 28th
"Someone’s gotta develop a condom app."
halls of macadamia | more | posted April 27th
...donated big scratch to the Liberal Party of Ontario?Five Ontario drivers who purchased a Porsche Spyder hybrid, which retails for about $1.1 million, got $5,000 rebates from the province’s electric vehicle incentive program last year.The province also provided similar rebates for dozens of other drivers who purchased a BMW i8 at $362,000 or a Fiskar Karma at $212,000.Your tax dollars... Kathl
halls of macadamia | more | posted April 26th
.. who couldn't even negotiate an agreement with Ontario's teachers unions...It speaks volumes that Justin Trudeau's point man in the War against Terro... excuse me... "bad people" who do "bad things" that have absolutely no connection to any known religion trots out all the same old tired cliches.With "involvement" like this... who needs executioners?“I am outraged by the news that a C
halls of macadamia | more | posted April 26th
"Global warming scientists have experienced 235% extra greening from taxpayer funded studies in the same period."
halls of macadamia | more | posted April 25th
...are more important than others..."We are being very careful, we can't say whose head it was," army spokesman Major Felimon Tan told reporters, adding that tests would be carried out to identify the victim.He said Abu Sayyaf militants had threatened to behead one of four captives on Monday if the 300 million pesos ($8.1 million) ransom for each of them was not paid by 3 p.m. local time.Well,
halls of macadamia | more | posted April 25th
Dear Steve Rukavina... Not presuming to question your obviously vast & eclectic firearms expertise, but I wager I could take Wendy Mesley to a gun range and have her hitting man-sized targets at 200 meters over iron sights before our coffee got cold."Toronto police Det. Sgt. Tam Bui believes a highly trained sniper who shot and killed a Toronto man in his driveway last fall may be in Montreal."F
halls of macadamia | more | posted April 22nd
Hillary’s breathtaking lack of concrete achievements or even minimal initiatives over her long public career doesn’t faze her admirers a whit. They have a religious conviction of her essential goodness and blame her blank track record on diabolical sexist obstructionists.True believers... the scariest people on the planet.
halls of macadamia | more | posted April 21st
...at so many things...“Really any military equipment is just so helpful,” gushed Saudi Arabia’s defence minister Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud. “We’ll now be much more efficient in our policing of the Shi’a minority. Mass arrests and public execution of political dissidents will be a breeze with the new LAVs.”After receiving a whispered message from one of his aides, he added, “I me
halls of macadamia | more | posted April 20th
..."if I had a son, he'd look like... [insert name of felon here]" file...The 40-year-old rapper — whose real name is William Leonard Roberts II — was in Washington, D.C. to support the administration’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative, which aims to keep young black people out of jail.Barack Obama had just finished speaking when Ross’s ankle monitor began beeping loudly. Ross has worn
halls of macadamia | more | posted April 19th
...right from wrong...Ranked number 6 overall is the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation (OSSTF). It's the biggest donor among the public-sector unions.OSSTF... that sounds so familiar...Taxpayers will of course be footing the bill, estimated to be around $63 million. This is on top of compensation to fund more days off, extended sick leave and maternity leave for both teachers and su
halls of macadamia | more | posted April 19th
...Ontario's power generation crisis...The health ministry has approved a plan that front-line doctors fear will create an even deeper health care crisis: outsourcing hundreds of allogeneic transplants to three American centres at a cost of more than $100 million (U.S.). So far, the program has proved a hard sell. Only 19 of 202 patients approved for transplants to date in Cleveland, Buffalo an
halls of macadamia | more | posted April 19th
...to refer to it as "a friendly neighbourhood bar"...Toronto police say three people were injured in a stabbing at an uptown bar on Sunday night. Around 11:30 p.m., a patron at the African House on Jane Street near Wilson allegedly tried to leave with his beer and was stopped by staff on his way out. “An argument ensued,” Staff-Sgt. Ian Lamond said.Yeah... an argument with a deadly weapon
halls of macadamia | more | posted April 18th
..as she thought...“They spoke to each other in a language that only they could understand. And I can’t put into words or make you understand for anyone who didn’t know Stacey how much she loved these tigers and how much this zoo family loved her.”How do you say "love" in Tiger?My suggestion would be... "from behind a very solid set of hardened steel bars."
halls of macadamia | more | posted April 17th
The heartless killer whose hail of gunfire outside the Duke of York Tavern in 2008 killed Bailey Zaveda and seriously injured four others says his aboriginal heritage should get him a shorter sentence. It’s a terrifying thought.Weese was a career criminal with a frighteningly long history of gun violence.What... it wasn't a farmer, hunter or target shooter with a legally owned firearm?That's
halls of macadamia | more | posted April 16th
...and it's not like these two guys are either Syrian... or refugees... A video has emerged of two Canadians who are being held hostage by Abu Sayyaf gunmen in the Philippines, appealing to the Canadian government to pay their ransom.Canadians John Ridsdel and Robert Hall warn they will be beheaded if their ransom is not paid within the next 10 days.I'm guessing these two guys would have been ec
halls of macadamia | more | posted April 15th
...a stunning reversal of a longstanding CBC policy to not provide physical descriptions of urban shooting suspects...
halls of macadamia | more | posted April 14th
If Bootless Clem in Owsley County says “n!gger,” it could create a ripple effect that leads to a proud young African-American genius being barred from admission to a prestigious Ivy League university.If Fartmaster Chad at Kegger House wears a tiny sombrero on his head during his frat’s “tequila sunrise” party, the ripple effects might lead to a brilliant Latino tech wizard being passed u
halls of macadamia | more | posted April 14th
"We arrange the meeting... the rest is up to you."
halls of macadamia | more | posted April 13th
"Don’t see the big deal. Just make a cartoon picture of a boy straddling a little girl while he’s choking her and draw that red circle with a slash through it over top.""Problem solved."
halls of macadamia | more | posted April 12th

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