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Gotta draw the line somewhere, huh?
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Which apparently, I might add... wasn't at... "I might kill another human being"..."Andrew Caswell, 29, of Jamestown Terrace, had apparently struck the deer on Hincher Road and was driving it to Unity Hospital for treatment, said Greece Police Capt. Steve Chatterton."
halls of macadamia | more | posted December 22nd, 2011

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"Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, an Indian pop-star and telepreacher with a reported wealth of more than $50 million, is being investigated after he allegedly manipulated around 400 men to get their testicles removed.Talk about the gift of bag, whoops... I mean gab."
halls of macadamia | more | posted 16 hours ago
...in the comments..."The overview reveals a virtually identical homicide solving rate for Aboriginal women (88%) and non-Aboriginal women (89%). The study reveals that the rate of stranger perpetrated homicide against Aboriginal women is 8%, virtually the same as for non-Aboriginal women (7%). Our research also highlights characteristics of the perpetrators of Aboriginal women homicides, for exa
halls of macadamia | more | posted 1 day ago
I'm with President Obama... I blame the Crusades...
halls of macadamia | more | posted 3 days ago
..for all you Iphone users who have been struggling with race-friendly Kwanzaa text messages...Trust me, it doesn't stop there...The new emoji feature a range of skin tone options and a new “neutral” default of yellow, which is required by the Unicode specification to be “non-realistic.”Yes, there's something for everyone...There’s a ton of new family emojis to cover off different fami
halls of macadamia | more | posted 3 days ago
Don't let anyone get behind you...Toronto police are warning the public to be cautious after a shooting in the area of Morecambe Gate and Victoria Park Avenue north of Finch Ave. The man was shot in the back, paramedics said.Keep your head on a swivel... just like Iraq. Sure thing, officer.Remember... crime is way down.
halls of macadamia | more | posted 3 days ago
...who claimed to be Mi’kmaq?Here's chapter 2...Of course, there's just one small hitch...APTN also says the twins’ father, Anthony Larmond, claims his sons get their aboriginal heritage through his side of the family, although, as the report notes, he could not recall a First Nation community to which his family might be associated.The twins’ lawyer Joseph Addelman declined to comment on
halls of macadamia | more | posted 4 days ago
"...in pieces on the ground..." Meet Skynets grumpy ol' grandad... "Over the course of that training, the computer built up progressively more abstract representations of the data in ways similar to human neural networks, according to the study."
halls of macadamia | more | posted 4 days ago
...becoming too repressive... you could move to Saudi Arabia...The Angus Reid poll indicates just what a political juggernaut the security bill is – widely popular in every province, every age group, and across party lines. More than four in five Canadians – 82 per cent – back the new legislation... Far from seeing it as too sweeping, they tend to want more: 36 per cent say it does not go
halls of macadamia | more | posted February 19th
More money isn't the solution... it's where existing monies disappear to...“It all boils down to lack of services," Band councillor Dean Mitsuing said. "We don't get the same funding as everyone else -- maybe that could have stopped this, we don't have any services on the reserve.”Wait a minute... apparently, Dean... you do.Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada lists Makwa
halls of macadamia | more | posted February 19th
...to a public debate, movie premiere or subway station near you...Filmmaker Finn Nørgaard: He went to a debate on freedom of expression, and Islam's contribution to the debate was to kill him.The one trick pony of the world's religious institutions joins the conversation.
halls of macadamia | more | posted February 16th
"Doesn't have to be true, just has to be funny."College students, of course, are both little acquainted with realities of adult existence and walled off from conservative views, so they’re the perfect audience for Stewart’s shtick, which depends on assumptions that are as unquestioned as they are false.The world according to Yuk-Yuks.
halls of macadamia | more | posted February 16th
...murdering random strangers...The suspects used a chat stream and were apparently obsessed with death and had many photos of mass killings. Justice Minister Peter MacKay said the plot was not related to terrorism.“This appeared to be a group of murderous misfits.”
halls of macadamia | more | posted February 14th
In Barack Obama's pipe-dreamy vision of a moderate Islam... there's always a happy ending...Except when there isn't.In early June, London had a “positive identification and that information was shared with Washington,” said a British source. The delay of nearly a month before the rescue bid was mounted remains a source of bewilderment for British officials. The following month, ISIS began
halls of macadamia | more | posted February 12th
..."America Alone", he was vilified by the left. Turns out, he was spot on...And you don't have to travel to some distant backwater to confirm his arithmetic...The number of children growing up as Muslims in the UK has almost doubled in a decade in what experts have described as an “unprecedented” shift in Britain’s social make-up. At a time when the wider population is ageing rapidly,
halls of macadamia | more | posted February 12th
Once again, the dead tree media sets about winding up the lunatic left... this time it's Islamophobic hate crimes perpetrated by the Christian far right...Only problem is... turns out the shooter is an atheist and a hard core leftie...A review of the Facebook page of the man charged in these murders, Craig Hicks, shows consistent themes of anti-religion and progressive causes.Oh, yeah, one more s
halls of macadamia | more | posted February 11th
The inexplicable and capricious "Will of [insert random deity here]"...Meanwhile, in other "random" news...
halls of macadamia | more | posted February 11th
...some of the time...“Does Justin Trudeau's process for selecting candidates involve, by any chance, a jug of hooch and a wheelbarrow?That'd be selecting the Conservative Party's discards...“After Ms. Adams' request of just a couple weeks ago to seek the Conservative Party nomination in a new seat, I informed her in writing on Jan. 29 that she would not be permitted to run for our Party i
halls of macadamia | more | posted February 9th
Gimme my freakin' global warming right now!!!U.S. temperature data: ‘In the business and trading world, people go to jail for such manipulations of data’We've been routinely hitting -30 degrees here at the Halls at night. The Hotpocalypse can't come soon enough for me.If only it wasn't such a scam.
halls of macadamia | more | posted February 9th
...you get the kind of government you deserve...Former premier Dalton McGuinty’s chief of staff and his deputy together compiled a list of senior Liberal staffers whose computer records would be purged – all of whom were involved in discussions surrounding the controversial cancellation of two power plants, police say.No wonder Dalton fled the country.
halls of macadamia | more | posted February 9th
...he can start disarming the police...“I’ve never been against Canada engaging robustly against ISIS,” Liberal leader Justin Trudeau said, but insisted it should be confined to “military missions that are non-combat.”Yeah, you give JTF2 a duffel bag full of aerosol spray cans... and they can sneak into terrorist held enclaves and tag enemy tanks.Justin wins again.
halls of macadamia | more | posted February 6th
...$122,000 is forever...A private member’s bill that’s expected to be up for a final vote in the House of Commons on Wednesday has been watered down to remove retroactivity, allowing Fontana, a former London mayor, Liberal MP and cabinet minister, to keep his pension.Yeah... I'm shocked.Okay, I'll say it. If the NDP manages to restore the retroactivity clause in this bill... THEY WILL GET
halls of macadamia | more | posted February 4th
Skynet is coming..."If we're lucky, they'll treat us as pets... if we're very unlucky, they'll treat us as food."Dr. Paul Saffo, Stanford University
halls of macadamia | more | posted February 3rd
...and advise his buddy, the president, anytime, day or night...So far, EVERY for-profit enterprise started by Al Sharpton and known to National Review Online has been shut down in at least one jurisdiction for failure to pay taxes, a review of public records in New York and Delaware reveals.Their financial records are copious, confusing, and sometimes outright bizarre, and together, they depict p
halls of macadamia | more | posted February 2nd
...of Canadian politics...“Please finish the following sentence: If elected, my first full day as prime minster I would…”The transcript on the paper’s website writes “Pause” before Trudeau’s response. That was exceedingly generous. I would have put “Epic pause.”It lasts around nine seconds. Which on video – as anyone with media training knows – feels like pretty much an hour.
halls of macadamia | more | posted January 31st
Call me old-fashioned, but isn't teaching pre-teens the "right way" to give sexual consent still a violation of the Canadian criminal code? This seems like the sort of thing you'd find in the NAMBLA charter...Never mind teenagers... apparently learning about consent starts in JK...“Starting right in the primary and junior grades, kids will be learning listening skills and helping each other
halls of macadamia | more | posted January 30th
Didn't Justin's daddy dearest increase the deficit tenfold over his illustrious reign? Liberal finance critic Scott Brison hinted at the party’s thinking when he told Mr. Berthiaume much of the work could be done “off the government balance sheet” by tapping funds from pension plans, including the Canada Pension Plan, into which all working Canadians contribute.Feelin' lucky, punk?
halls of macadamia | more | posted January 28th
...local farmers, duck hunters & target shooters as we speak...Toronto Police say they responded to a shooting call on Flemington Rd., northwest of Lawrence Ave. W. and Allen Rd., around 9 p.m.Officers arrived on the residential street and found a male suffering from fatal gunshot wounds.Not sure exactly how the "professional" journalist came to the conclusion that the decedent was "suffering"
halls of macadamia | more | posted January 28th
"The only reason this guy is getting anywhere is... the fact that he has a famous father. Now, I like Keith Richards as much as the next guy, but we are talking about running a country here!"
halls of macadamia | more | posted January 27th
...runs on unicorn farts & magic fairy dust...On Sunday, President Barack Obama released an anti-oil drilling environmental video shot aboard Air Force One–an aircraft that has a 53,611 gallon fuel capacity.On Saturday, Obama flew Air Force One over 8,000+ miles to India to discuss global warming and other issues.
halls of macadamia | more | posted January 26th
Barack Obama ducked the Paris memorial and shunned the Israeli Prime Minister... but he'll always make time for a fellow traveller...And it's not just the President...U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry hailed Abdullah as “a man of wisdom and vision” and a “revered leader.”Apparently, Kerry has never met an oligarch he didn't revere. A little digging reveals a harsher truth...Let's ask
halls of macadamia | more | posted January 26th
...are at it again...Wait a minute..."Sharif -- who was born in Iraq and moved to Canada in 1993 -- was arrested at a north Edmonton apartment Jan. 19, 2011."The thing is, in my circle of friends, what makes anyone Canadian is a sense of "shared values"... as opposed to a piece of paper generated by a political agenda. Apparently, for our intrepid reporter, the man's mailing address is more
halls of macadamia | more | posted January 24th
...sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. The National Post, in it's journalistic wisdom, attempts to legitimise the fever dreams of a desperately ill 11 year-old child. Tragically, the outcome... exactly as predicted by the wily white man's medical experts... well... she's dead.So sad. So unnecessary."When Makayla ended her chemotherapy treatments last May, she said it was becau
halls of macadamia | more | posted January 22nd
Isn't that one of those "white privilige" deals where you actually have to answer questions? Count me out, baby.**********POP QUIZ BONUS ROUND:Which lushly self-described civil rights warrior was a paid FBI snitch in the 1980s?
halls of macadamia | more | posted January 22nd
Hang on a second. Wasn't there some other Trudeau who did find a use for Canadian soldiers? I know... let's ask Quebec.
halls of macadamia | more | posted January 21st
Although it's possible that being killed for your "bling" is more of a caricature...TORONTO - Mohammed and a friend — a man wearing a “tremendous amount of expensive gold jewelry” — visited the restroom where they were attacked by three men who tried to snatch the friend’s chains, homicide Det.-Sgt. Gary Giroux said about a week after the slaying. “A violent struggle ensued” and
halls of macadamia | more | posted January 20th
It seems falling oil prices... are the least of their problems...Saudi officials don’t like to talk about it, but experts who closely follow developments inside the kingdom say ISIS enjoys growing support among ordinary Saudis, who see the group as the true champion of embattled Sunnis in their sectarian struggles against the Shiite-led governments in Iran and elsewhere. For many Saudis, ISIS al
halls of macadamia | more | posted January 19th
Despite Justin Trudeau's much celebrated thumbs up for legal dope...[Princess of Pot] Jodie Emery's attempt to seek the nomination in the riding of Vancouver East has gone up in smoke.Liberal spokesman Olivier Duchesneau has confirmed that the party's so-called "Green Light Candidate Review Committee rejected her bid.Duchesneau didn't provide specific reasons for why Emery's bid was turned d
halls of macadamia | more | posted January 17th
I know it's a brave new world and standards have been relaxed to accomodate, well... all sorts of things... but what sort of chucklehead, after 24 weeks of training, can't figure out radio protocol, or how to put on a bulletproof vest?The answer, apparently... is lots.“Sightings were being reported based on caller location (as opposed to suspect location), then broadcast out of order.Many RCMP
halls of macadamia | more | posted January 16th
...about the racist Academy Awards... “The lack of diversity in today’s Oscar nominations is appalling ... With all of the talent in Selma and other Black movies this year, it is hard to believe that we have less diversity in the nominations today than in recent history."I dunno Al. Could there possibly be some other reason Selma didn't get the gold ring? Should this movie be allowed to "
halls of macadamia | more | posted January 16th
This is what comes of getting really high and watching "Avatar" over and over again... you secure yourself a charter membership in "the dumbest generation."Now, before the usual suspects start to post their sympathies and excuses for poor little Abu Maguire, it pays to note...From Syria and Iraq, he posted his violent, intolerant ideas on a Facebook page that used the ISIS logo as a banner and
halls of macadamia | more | posted January 15th

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