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Gotta draw the line somewhere, huh?
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Which apparently, I might add... wasn't at... "I might kill another human being"..."Andrew Caswell, 29, of Jamestown Terrace, had apparently struck the deer on Hincher Road and was driving it to Unity Hospital for treatment, said Greece Police Capt. Steve Chatterton."
halls of macadamia | more | posted December 22nd, 2011

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The trouble with playing the race card is that it's usually more emotional than evidentiary... from Skip Gates to Trayvon to "gentle giant" Michael Brown, the Whitehouse has been consistently misreading the table...As the official autopsy report obtained by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch demonstrates, Brown was shot in the hand at close range—with gunpowder residue in the wound. Both findings se
halls of macadamia | more | posted 1 hour ago
This is a good thing. The court of public opinion was not an appropriate place to deal with this matter...Two women have come forward to Toronto Police with allegations against Jian Ghomeshi, a police spokesperson said Friday night.If Jian Ghomeshi is to be put on trial, let it be in a court of law, not the court of Jerry Springer...There are no safeguards in that court, no testing of the evidenc
halls of macadamia | more | posted 5 hours ago
...a "National Treasure"...Now, before anyone gets too excited about these numbers, just know there's a perfectly reasonable explanation...“To be … the leader of a nation, and we’re not just a band, we are a nation, and to lead it for 34 years, is something totally unheard of, I don’t care in what political field you’re in.”Of course, Chief Sam can have the entire Shuswap nation ove
halls of macadamia | more | posted 19 hours ago
John Tory faced with scientific conundrum during first days in Mayor's office...TORONTO - A burned body was discovered under a bridge late Wednesday evening. “At this time, there’s nothing to indicate that there’s foul play involved in this death,” Const. Victor Kwong added.CSI Toronto.
halls of macadamia | more | posted 1 day ago
What is this "homeless" nonsense you speak of? “The investigation is focusing on whether these interactions could have contributed or facilitated, in any way, the terrorist attack subsequently committed by Zehaf-Bibeau.”Of course, not everyone is in agreement...OTTAWA — NDP Leader Tom Mulcair said the latest information about Zehaf Bibeau indicates that he should not be defined as a terro
halls of macadamia | more | posted 2 days ago
"Does this really surprise anybody? They were selling T-Shirts at this guy's FUNERAL."
halls of macadamia | more | posted 2 days ago
...or as I like to think of them, the Toronto Red Star Chamber... I understand that the conventional wisdom is that most victims of sex assault don’t report, but surely to God, when they do, it should not be to a newspaper.**********RELATED: Eye of the beholderGhomeshi's public Facebook page has tripled its number of fans since his post about the allegations went up; over 100,000 people have
halls of macadamia | more | posted 3 days ago
Even as we bury Corporal Nathan Cirillo in Hamilton today, the mainstream media is busy commiserating with THE REAL VICTIMS of this horrendous crime.I'm speechless.The way Canadian media covers firearms related incidents in this country is spectacularly bereft of logic or reason. We know, from the constant panic-laden coverage that firearms ownership, taken largely for granted in our once mostly
halls of macadamia | more | posted 3 days ago
...no one from my rural, largely agricultural community, would ever consider even badmouthing Canadian soldiers, never mind try to murder them.So what is Premiere Wynne really saying?"In Ontario we are already engaged with many communities, right from my own riding ... that has one of the largest Muslim populations in the country, and there are many, many people who are engaged with us."I'm not
halls of macadamia | more | posted 5 days ago
The Ford Motor Company has been given almost 300 million dollars in taxpayer monies over the last decade... TORONTO - The Ford Motor Co. is saying adios to plans for a new Windsor-built global engine, opting to take the investment and jobs to Mexico, the autoworkers’ union says.The automaker apparently sought an unprecedented amount of government support to build the new global engine in Windsor
halls of macadamia | more | posted 6 days ago
Dear Imam Hashmi... I don't think the words freedom and safety mean what you think they mean..."I hope we are not going to change too much as far as our safety is concerned and as far as our freedom is concerned, but our safety was affected," said imam Sikander Hashmi from the Kanata Muslim Association on CBC Radio’s Ottawa Morning.There are two people who have lost their lives to terrorist a
halls of macadamia | more | posted 6 days ago
Justin Trudeau, celebrated successor to the Liberal throne, ostensibly speaking for all Canadians, addressed the attack on the House of Commons and the murder of a second Canadian soldier in the space of two days without once using the words "TERRORISM" or "MURDER". Whatever else you might say about P-spawn, that boy is fleet of mouth.Despite these omissions, the heir transparent offers up hi
halls of macadamia | more | posted October 23rd
...it's not like this guy knows anything about the weath... wait a minute...Hmmm... this could be a bad day to be Michael Mann.
halls of macadamia | more | posted October 23rd
Just something to consider the next time Ferguson Missouri goes up in flames...Criminology professor David Klinger told KMOX’s Charlie Brennan that he conducted a thorough, decade-long study that showed there were 1,265 murders over that time, with 90 percent of the victims being black. And 90 percent of those black victims were killed by other blacks.“While I understand the people are concern
halls of macadamia | more | posted October 22nd
...to own firearms. That is your choice. You may not believe in God. That is also your prerogative.Funny, though... the first thing you progressives all do when the shit hits the fan... is call 911 to summon armed guardians. The second is you pray that they get there on time.
halls of macadamia | more | posted October 22nd
...has been murdered on Canadian soil this past week... will Justin Trudeau be stepping up his perpetual Easter Egg hunt for "root causes"?Liberals and Dippers will no doubt be protesting, "Who could have seen this coming?"Well, fellas... that'd be the Conservative Party of Canada.Just last month, Public Safety minister Steven Blaney tabled his report “2014 Public Report On The Terrorist Th
halls of macadamia | more | posted October 22nd
CBC reports... "There's so much we don't know about who may be behind this."Yeah... I'm thinking it's another Amish uprising.
halls of macadamia | more | posted October 22nd
...for a man who'll have an armed detail of bodyguards for the rest of his life...U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services plans to seek a vendor to produce as many as 34 million blank work permits and 'green cards' – the paperwork that authorizes illegal immigrants to live in the United States – as the White House prepares to issue an executive order AFTER the Nov. 4 midterm elections.
halls of macadamia | more | posted October 20th
It's what "professional" journalists do best..."The officials briefed on the case said the forensic evidence gathered in the car lent credence to Officer Wilson’s version of events."Get ready to watch Ferguson go up in flames.
halls of macadamia | more | posted October 18th
...the enduring shame of horse-o-phobia...The Danish law currently states that humans can have sex with animals as long as the animal doesn’t suffer, which begs the question: how would one know if an animal enjoyed human sex?Surely, now... if the small-minded Conservative haters are opposed to inter-species love... Justin must immediately launch a new diversity initiative. Yet another Liberal p
halls of macadamia | more | posted October 16th
More political proctology from Dr O'Blarney...“The administration’s decision to withhold the costs of this law until after Election Day is just more proof that Obamacare is a bad deal for Americans.”
halls of macadamia | more | posted October 14th
...slowly but surely upping success rate...Like all government programs, this one continues to grow... and grow...“One time a girl came and told me there were 44 people in front of her,” said Lampkin.That kind of lineup would represent a considerable wait, because users take an average of 15 to 20 minutes each. Some take considerably longer.Your tax dollars at work.
halls of macadamia | more | posted October 14th
...right, I'm gonna be needing gold bars, beans and bullets... and not necessarily in that order...Regulators from the United States and the United Kingdom will get together in a war room next week to see if they can cope with any possible fall-out WHEN the next big bank topples over, the two countries said on Friday.Anybody else notice they weren't using the word "IF"?
halls of macadamia | more | posted October 11th
And don't get him started about voting your conscience...Women’s reproductive rights trump the freedom of Liberal members of parliament to "vote their conscience" on abortion, Justin Trudeau said. Trudeau has said that any Liberal MP, regardless of their personal beliefs, would have to vote against any proposed legislation that could limit a woman’s right to an abortion.Justin Trudeau clai
halls of macadamia | more | posted October 10th
...something like that...The teacher’s union, with 76,000 members, has a posting on its website looking for presenters for a workshop called “Re-thinking White Privilege,” but without any definition for the term. It asks only that candidates understand “white privilege and systemic issues,” and have a commitment to equity and social justice.Full speed ahead, Ontario... you can define all
halls of macadamia | more | posted October 10th
The Secret Service gave information to the White House suggesting that an Obama aide had a prostitute in his hotel room in Colombia. This led to the firing or punishment of nearly two dozen Secret Service agents and U.S. soldiers, but not the aide.Oh yeah, the aide in question was the son of a lobbyist who had, coincidentally, made a rather significant contribution to Obama's campaign fund.Hope a
halls of macadamia | more | posted October 9th
"...you cannot be managed effectively in segregation of a maximum security institution, never mind in the community."And then they let him go.
halls of macadamia | more | posted October 9th
...even the tiniest morsel of regret when Mrs Tiddleywink gets decapitated over by the Shoppers Drug Mart?BREAKING: As federal officials touted national agencies’ success in stopping terrorist acts at an Ottawa committee hearing, NBC News published a report saying that U.S. intelligence officials are tracking ISIS imitators in Canada targetting the U.S. embassy in Ottawa and an unspecified shop
halls of macadamia | more | posted October 8th
Nasty right-wing naysayers trashing poor Hopey Dreamy... wait a minute...Talk about taking "eating your own young" to a whole new level.
halls of macadamia | more | posted October 7th
...farmers, hunters & skeet shooters... wait a minute...Toronto police ... continue to search for at least three other suspects, a day after two male students died during a brazen daytime shooting in Etobicoke.The double shooting happened outside of the Toronto District School Board's School of Experiential Education... at approximately 12:30 p.m. on Monday.That's gotta be as experiential as it
halls of macadamia | more | posted October 7th
...NO, NO, NO... I mean, definitely, "FLOP"...
halls of macadamia | more | posted October 7th
"...that these are not cats. I understand wanting to believe that. It’s like wanting to believe that racism is over. We all want to believe that the world is a better place than it is.""However, it is clear that what you see here are in fact cats.They are just not very good cats."
halls of macadamia | more | posted October 6th
...farmers, hunters & skeet shooters... wait a minute...TORONTO - A man is dead after being shot multiple times during what appears to be an early morning robbery outside an unlicensed after-hours club in the city’s west end.Bright lights, big city.
halls of macadamia | more | posted October 5th
...taking funeral procession selfies and swappin' spit with newly minted brides... perhaps Justin Trudeau could do a little bit of research on the War Measures Act.
halls of macadamia | more | posted October 3rd
How long will you hesitate before declaring Toronto a "knife-free" zone?Const. Victor Kwong said the man suffered "obvious injuries" and was pronounced dead at the scene. The man, the city's 41st murder victim of the year, has not yet been identified.
halls of macadamia | more | posted October 1st
"... searching for a word here that doesn't start with F..."
halls of macadamia | more | posted September 30th
...a problem with the tele-prompter...Weeks before he will reportedly enact a massive executive amnesty for illegal immigrants, President Barack Obama was silent on immigration when he addressed the Congressional Black Caucus' Phoenix Awards Dinner on Saturday evening in Washington, D.C.I mean... what possible reason would the President have to try pull a fast one on the Congressional Bla... wait
halls of macadamia | more | posted September 30th
...who isn't throwing his intelligence apparatus under the bus..."Make no mistake, ISIS must be defeated," Netanyahu told the UN General Assembly, referring to the Islamic State group."But to defeat ISIS and leave Iran as a threshold nuclear state power is to win the battle and lose the war."**********MEANWHILE BACK AT BARACK INC.The Emperor's new clothes are looking especially shiny of late
halls of macadamia | more | posted September 29th
The remains of four Canadian soldiers who fought in the First World War were identified Saturday.They are Lt. Clifford Neelands, Lance Sgt. John Lindell, Pvt. Lachlan McKinnon and Pvt. William Simms.And then there's this...OTTAWA — For 98 years, Capt. Richard Steacie’s remains have rested in a Belgian gravesite, buried with the vaguest of inscriptions — "Captain of the 14th Battalion Unkno
halls of macadamia | more | posted September 29th
...crapping on Winston Churchill... the end is nigh..."Britain should serve as a haunting lesson of what happens when a people intellectualizes themselves into a position so far to the left it condones their own self-destruction."Have the dominoes already started to fall?
halls of macadamia | more | posted September 28th

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