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Margaret Wente hits it out of the park with this article. There are a lot of kids who shouldn't be in university. Many of them will graduate and not have jobs in their field. I love how Wente calls it victim stydies( like I do) In fact, Quebec’s students have good reason to be furious. They should be furious at the professors who tell them that their cause is just, and who have deluded them
Dr Roy | more | posted May 1st, 2012

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 Its is the 150th anniversary of the founding of our Great Dominion. I arrived in Canada in 1963 from Kerala India with my Mom Dr Rachel Eappen. My father came to Canada to complete his PhD in Physics. I am extraordinarily grateful to this wonderful land. My family and I have  prospered here. I have made many friends here and have enjoyed the beauty and generosity of the Canadian pe
Dr Roy | more | posted June 30th
I am somewhat shocked by the UK election results. I had expected a 130 seat Tory majority.I am a Canadian Tory, but I want conservative governments through out the senior Realms of the Commonwealth.  I would not have backed May for leader. Andrea Leadsome seemed the better choice and she was a Brexiteer. May kind of grew on me. I enjoyed watching her  spar with the communist corbyn. &nbs
Dr Roy | more | posted June 9th, 2017
#Brexit!!!!! I have not hidden my view that The United Kingdom would be better off out of the bureaucratic, over reaching eu. The sheer arrogance of the eu officials during the campaign was enough to drive the people of the UK out. Now is the time for Britain's traditional allies in the Commonwealth and the United States to immediately negotiate free trade deals with our UK brothers and sist
Dr Roy | more | posted June 24th, 2016
Happy and Glorious: A Celebration of The Queen’s 90th Birthday Date Mon, May 16 2016 7:20 PM EDT — Mon, May 16 2016 9:00 PM EDT About A tribute to Her Majesty The Queen in words, images, and song, compiled by historian Hugh Brewster, and narrated by him and actress Fiona Reid. The event brings together the artistic talent of many great Canadians, featuring performances by singer-songwriter Sus
Dr Roy | more | posted May 16th, 2016
I had the chance to meet Pascale Dery at the Cavendish Mall a few weeks ago. I am very impressed. she will be an excellent Conservative Candidate for TMR. She is a well known journalist. She is fluently tri lingual . Well read and very aware of the riding, she has lived in TMR since childhood. It was great to meet her husband and children as well as her father. That day my friend MP
Dr Roy | more | posted March 14th, 2015
Another despicable act by the monsters of isis. At least the Egyptian President has called for 7 days of mourning and has vowed to go to the UN security council. Meanwhile another jihadi attack in Denmark. I guess justin trudeau will advocate sending more blankets.
Dr Roy | more | posted February 15th, 2015
I was very saddened to hear that Sun News is going off the air. I will miss it. It was the only news source that went after Canadian news Not from the mSm fanboy point of view. I myself have been on Sun 8-9 times. The left will probably be gleeful, but I am sure this not the last we have seen from the talented hosts and journalists of SunTv. I hope this isn't true, but I have been hearing the r
Dr Roy | more | posted February 12th, 2015
It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Her Majesty's Australian PM Tony Abbott. I despise the leftist republican Malcolm Turnbull. He is a labour wolf dressed in LNP clothing. I am relieved that the spill attempt has been defeated. Our Aussie cousins seem to use the spill all the time. In their variation of Westminster democracy the caucus is in charge of choosing the leader. It is not a bad sy
Dr Roy | more | posted February 10th, 2015
 I must admit being very disappointed with Eve Adams. I actually defended her on Twitter against Carolyn Parrish. She claimed Adams was a back stabber. Today I apologized to Carolyn Parrish on Twitter. I think the Tories are well rid Of Ms Adams, though I do wonder what Justin will make of her former pro life views. She will apparently run against Lusa Raitt. I look forward to HM Minister of
Dr Roy | more | posted February 9th, 2015
I am very disappointed in AM 980 London Ontario. They have suspended my friend Andrew Lawton. You can read more about it here. Please email and register your displeasure at this act of political correct extremism. I note that I am gay and Andrew Lawton is my friend. The gay left seems to want to silence everyone except their own extremist bully friends.
Dr Roy | more | posted February 7th, 2015
It has been a very good first week: 193 backers $12,894 . The goal is still $75000 and there are only 37 days left. I urge you all to give again or give for the first time. We can do this together. Celebrate Our Freedom and our heritageLet's get this done. Donate Here. 
Dr Roy | more | posted February 7th, 2015
 The SCOC under chief injustice maclachlan has further embraced a culture of death. It was a 9-0 decision. I am sure the bully chief injustice was instrumental in that. Perhaps these unelected, unaccountable judges should be the executioners in these cases. We have a public health care system which is rapidly running out of money. We have a lot of elderly and infirm people. So now the liber
Dr Roy | more | posted February 6th, 2015
63 years ago we mourned the death of Our Sovereign Lord HIM King George VI. It was a day if great sadness, but it also marked the continuity of the Crown. On that day His eldest daughter Princess Elizabeth became our Queen.  We celebrate this the beginning of the 64 th year of Her Reign.
Dr Roy | more | posted February 6th, 2015
Good for HM King Abdullah his response to the barbarians of Isis was completely appropriate. The barbarians burned a Jordanian pilot alive? The barbarians seem to only understand violence. And indeed who do these monsters kill the most , other Muslims. We need our Arab allies to take on this existential threat to Islam itself. The West should be in a supportive role. The boots on the ground must
Dr Roy | more | posted February 5th, 2015
 I have known John Baird for a number of years. He is a very smart, funny , very hardworking man. He has worked tirelessly for Canada.  I am sad that he is leaving parliament. We want the best people in parliament and John is one of the best. I wish him all the best in the future. I am sure he will attend future Fabulous Blue Tent events .
Dr Roy | more | posted February 4th, 2015
We all have the right to follow our own consciences. I am prolife. I will not kill babies or adults as was prescribed by Hippocrates. Unfortunately the Colleges of Physicians in Ontario and other provinces are beginning to say those rights are limited.  We must protest these blatant assaults on the rights of doctors. Theses ultimately will lead to attacks on everyone's rights.  Please s
Dr Roy | more | posted February 4th, 2015
My friend Derek Fildebrandt. Is running for the Wildrose nomination in Strathmore-Brooks. He is a true fiscal conservative. He is what Alberta needs to oppose the too long entrenched pcs. I urge my Alberta friends to support Derek in any way you can. ABOUT DEREK Derek Fildebrandt is a candidate for the Wildrose nomination in Strathmore-Brooks and is the former Alberta Director of the Canadian Ta
Dr Roy | more | posted February 2nd, 2015
 I loved Whitney Houston. She was a big part of music to me in the "80s. I was deeply saddened to watch her descend into drugs and was also saddened by her death.  I was never a fan of bobby brown. I pray for their daughter who was badly affected by the drug use and stupidity of her parents. Perhaps people have the right to destroy themselves with drugs, but they don't have the r
Dr Roy | more | posted February 1st, 2015
 I hold the Magna Carta as a sacred document. It is part of our Canadian 800 year history of freedom and liberty. My friends John Robson  and Brigitte Pellerin, are making a documentary on this vital part of the history of all of the English speaking peoples. They are crowdfunding it at Kickstarter. I urge my Canadian, Australian, British, New Zealand and American friends to do
Dr Roy | more | posted January 31st, 2015
 It was great to see Mark Steyn. He was in conversation with Heather Reisman at INdigo bookstore in Toronto. Steyn was funny and witty and totally on point on subjects ranging from Islam to the twilight of Western civilization. His questioner was hardly his match. I hope he comes to the Great Dominion more often. It was also great to see Lord Black, Exra and a whole bunch of my Blogging
Dr Roy | more | posted January 28th, 2015
Rachel Thaysil Mathew EappenMay 8, 1924-Jan 29, 2014 Christian, Physician, wife , mother, grandmother, aunt My Mother was the youngest of 12 children.   My mother tells the story that her mother  missed her oldest sister's wedding, because she was in labour!  She was born in a very small town, Karthiapaly Kerala India. She is descended from an ancient Syrian Christian family. Her
Dr Roy | more | posted January 27th, 2015
 I have been in Las Vegas for the last few days. I have been having a marvelous time . I took a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, I have seen 3 Cirque shows(O, Love and Zumanity).I am here to attend the Heartland Institutes ICC9 You can watch live I have been going to these conferences for many years. The tides are turn
Dr Roy | more | posted July 7th, 2014
My good friend Ben Sharma is running in the federal by-election for the CPC in Trinity Spadina. The vote for the by-election is Monday. Ben is a brilliant young man. In 2003, Benjamin graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Arts in Slavic Languages and Literatures. After time spent traveling Nepal, Benjamin continued his studies earning a Masters of Arts from Harva
Dr Roy | more | posted June 27th, 2014
 The Nehru-Gandhi family Congress party  have always reminded me of the liberals of Canada. They are left wing and supremely statist. Indeed Nehru put in 5 year plans because of his admiration for soviet communism.  The family is very wealthy and are literally Brahmins.  Mrs Indira Gandhi was a despot, she declared martial law and jailed her opponents. The latest heir to the dy
Dr Roy | more | posted May 16th, 2014
 The BJP looks like it has secured an absolute majority in the Lok Sabha, India's lower house.  This is unusual. It is the first time in 30 years that one party has a majority.  I hope the BJP functions as a center right party and down plays it's Hindu Nationalism. As a Christian from India, many in my family voted for Congress( the liberal party of India), but I had hoped for a B
Dr Roy | more | posted May 16th, 2014
My friend and fellow organizer for the Fabulous Blue Tent parties is running to be an Ontario MPP for the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. I strongly endorse him. He is an amazing person. He has extensive experience in and out of government.  He is conservative.  He supports smaller government and lower taxes . He would be a great MPP.  I urge you to vote, donate and work
Dr Roy | more | posted May 15th, 2014
My latest letter in the NP. Having children is an expensive venture. If you can’t afford IVF can you really afford children? Free IVF has encouraged many women with low chances of conceiving to try IVF even though their chances are still low with IVF. As someone who believes in free markets, I oppose “free” IVF. It is an elective procedure, like abortion, and neither should be paid for. R
Dr Roy | more | posted May 12th, 2014
This new Rogers deal may be the death rattle for the cbc. I am not going to shed any tears for the state broadcaster. The deal removes some of cbc advertising revenue and they still have to pay 100 million a year to broadcast the games. HM Canadian government has already said there are no plans to bal out the CBC. Indeed I hope HM Canadian Government cuts even more! Let the cbc cut its operations
Dr Roy | more | posted December 2nd, 2013
I was born in Kerala, India, but I have now lived in Canada for 50 years. I still have many familial and even economic ties to the land of my birth. I somewhat despair of Indian politics. There will be federal elections next year. It will be a clash between the dauphin Rahul Gandhi of Congress against the Chief Minister of Gujarat Modi of the BJP. Normally I would support the centre right BJP part
Dr Roy | more | posted November 17th, 2013
I attended a speech given by HM PM Stephen Harper at the Montreal Board of Trade last Friday. The subject was the newly signed Canada EU free trade agreement. It was great to see HM PM Brian Mulroney also at the head table.  The speech was well received and lavished praise on Brian Mulroney. HM PM Harper was playful and funny. I had a chance to speak to HM Pm Harper , HM Pm Brian Mulrone
Dr Roy | more | posted November 16th, 2013
A joyous day today . Today HRH Prince George has become part of the Christian family. One day he will be Supreme Governor of the Church of England. A wonderful message By Justin, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury.  The Christening  Other Royal Christening HRH Prince William HRH Prince Henry  HRH Prince Charles The Lord Bless Thee and Keep Thee The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Dr Roy | more | posted October 23rd, 2013
and the Tories. It is indeed good new that a free trad has been signed with the European Union. Much of our trade with the EU is with the UK and until Great Britain can extricate itself from the EU tyranny, this is as close as we can get to free trade with the UK. The usual suspects already oppose it. Maude Barlow who is always wrong about everything and the addle brained lizzie may, who earlier
Dr Roy | more | posted October 18th, 2013
I am concerned by the Commonwealth bashing of late by HM Canadian Government. I do agree that Sri Lanka's government has acted abominably. The Sti Lankan government is guilty of terrible persecution of the Tamil minority. I must make a mea culpa. My native tongue is Malayalam, a language closely related to Tamil. I am very sympathetic to my Tamil cousins. Though I totally opposed the tigers and
Dr Roy | more | posted October 10th, 2013
Those Bixi bikes that Montreal is so proud of and has put millions of taxpayer dollars is going to cost Quebec taxpayers even more. The Bixi agency is apparently 42 million in debt. This sinkhole should be let lose and the parking spaces returned to drivers and merchants, who actually pay taxes. This scheme is supposed to be very successful but it perpetually loses miney. let the private sector ta
Dr Roy | more | posted September 24th, 2013
It was amazing to watch david suzuki stumble over simple questions about climate change. He doesn't seem to have an even elementary grasp of the subject. he has spent years out of academia and is a scaremonger of the first order. Why does anyone pay attention to this hypocrite with the 5 children and :multiple homes? h/t bcblue
Dr Roy | more | posted September 24th, 2013
And the Anglosphere!!! For the first time in a long time the UK and all the senior realms have conservative, mostly loyal governments. Australia's 6 year green nightmare is now over. It is the time to increase trade between the Commonwealth Realms and hopefully make the Commonwealth a huge free trade zone. The Australian Liberals and the Canadian Tories have close and friendly ties. My enthusiast
Dr Roy | more | posted September 7th, 2013
I am disappointed by the CRTC decision ( and yes I want to get rid of the crtc), but it does seem that they are paying attention to the fact that others like CNN are getting mandatory carry and higher fees. We should be able to puck what channels we want and don't want. My friend Kory Teneycke says that Sun will continue the fight. That makes me happy. I can't believe I kind of agree with catsm
Dr Roy | more | posted August 8th, 2013
TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with the Little Prince Cambridge. Congratulations from the Muppets: Prayer for the Royal baby22 July 2013 God our Creator, who knows each of us by name and loves us from all eternity: we give you thanks for new life and human love. Bless William and Catherine as they welcome their son into the world. Give them patience and wisdom to cherish and lo
Dr Roy | more | posted July 23rd, 2013
I want to wish the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the entire Royal Family my heartfelt congratulations.  I am very pleased it is a boy. The issue of succession is now moot for a century to come. It is wonderful news!!!
Dr Roy | more | posted July 22nd, 2013
I went to see the Dale Chihuly exhibit at the Montreal Museum for Fine arts. Chihuly is a master glass artist. I love glasswork. I am also a big fan of Rene Lalique. Chihuly's work is big,  bold, wild and beautiful. You should try and see the exhibit.  Here is his work The Sun being set up in front of the museum!
Dr Roy | more | posted June 27th, 2013

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