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Welcome to the Blogging Tories podcasting page. The intention of this page is to collect the audio podcasts and video vlogcasts of Blogging Tories members into an audio podcast RSS file and a video vlogcast RSS file for you to put into your Podcast Aggregator. If you're unfamiliar with podcasting and vlogcasting, you can read both Wikipedia articles. To get some tips or share your own with others, discuss these new media in the Blogging Tories podcasting forum. Download the Podcast Aggregator:

Download the Blogging Tories branded iPodder software to your hard disk

Click on the links below to download your iPodder.

The software linked above has already been branded with the Blogging Tories Podcasting feed. That's it! Enjoy the software!

However, if you already had a podcast aggregator, here's the audio feed that you need to enter:

Just copy and paste this address into your favourite Podcasting software

If you're a Blogging Tory, and would like your podcast/vlogcast integrated into the main Blogging Tories feeds, email me. Be sure to include the title, URL of the mp3 or video file, description, and publication date. (We'll have this replaced by an appropriate form soon).

If you're a conservative radio host or reporter, contact me if you'd like your show to reach an entirely new audience.

One disclaimer: any recording that is of poor quality, or that does not conform to community standards, will not be included.

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