The Blogging Tories
The Blogging Tories

The Blogging Tories

1. The blogroll is ordered from most recent post to least recent post. Recentcy is determined by Blogrolling. After you make a blog entry you should ping Blogrolling by going to...

Blogrolling Ping Form

and entering your blog's information.

Alternatively you can create a ping page using the following code...

Simply open this page in a browser and click the button!

2. If your website can handle PHP I would recommend that you use the PHP code for listing the blogroll instead of the javascript code. Google ranks websites according to how many other websites link to them. If the blogroll is rendered with javascript then Google can't read it. If it is rendered with PHP it can read it. Blogs written by members of the Blogging Tories will rank higher in searches if more people use the PHP code instead of javascript (this will expand our audience).

If you can use PHP I strongly encourage you to replace this code...

with the code found here...

Note: replace URL with this...

3. If your blog entries are not appearing in the aggregator send me your RSS feed and I will include it.

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