The Blogging Tories
The Blogging Tories

The Blogging Tories

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Steps to join...

1. Place the blogroll on your blog or website. The blogroll must be listed is a visible location for inclusion in the listing.

If you use blogger/blogspot to blog and you need some help integrating the Blogging Tories blogroll into your blog, check out this blogger tutorial.

2. Send an email to Stephen containing the following information...
Blog Name
Blog URL
RSS Feed (if you have one)

3. Consider adding the following code for Blogging Tories Television to your blog's sidebar.

You'll add conservative-related flash video content to your blog which will entice visitors to return to your site. Adjust the 250 (width in pixels) in the code to adjust the width to fit into your template.

Contact either Craig or Stephen if you have any questions.

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