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PostPosted: Mon Oct 08, 2007 11:20 pm    Post subject: Arabic public school divides Brooklyn; beware Multi-Cult Reply with quote

This article highlights a disturbing trend in both our countries.

I just got finished reading Randy Jorgenson's excellent book Circle of Six . This article was enough to make me positively nauseous.

Circle of Six, a book which I'd almost make required reading, is about an infamous Muslim attack on civilization on April 14, 1972. I personally wonder why the author why he says the "Black Muslim" doctrine has nothing to do with Islam since September 11 taught us differently.

The Black Muslims generated a phony "officer needs assistance" phone call, luring police officers into Mosque Number 7, on the corner of Lenox Avenue and 116th Street in Manhattan. Officers and detectives from the 28th Precinct responded. One officer was shot to death and the others badly beaten and stomped. The Mayor, Police Commissioner, a Congressman, a high-ranking police officer (all charged with the safety of the general public and of those charged with the well-being of police officers) a radical Muslim Imam (and one I can't remember since I'm typing this at a location where the book isn't) were the "Circle of Six". They ensured that the persons responsible for this atrocity were not brought to justice, and jointly conspired to ruin the lives of the detectives who sought to restore regularity to the investigation and solution of this crime.

Now, we have the spectacle of a pandering Mayor and now Board of Education seeking to foist the cost of teaching a dangerous, and indeed treasonous ideology to young, impressionable students. When, and not if these students are responsible for the deaths of innocent people, Bloomberg and the Board of Education will have blood on their hands. Excerpts of article below:

Arabic public school divides Brooklyn (link)

Controversies include 'Intifada' affair, meagre enrolments, textbooks mostly unreadable[/center]

TheStar.com - World - Arabic public school divides Brooklyn

September 02, 2007
Jennifer Gould Keil
Special to the Star

NEW YORK—This city's first Arabic public school opens this week, and already it has created enough controversy to cast its ultimate future in doubt.


Then, the woman hired as principal, Debbie Almontaser, resigned after the New York Post reported that she wore an "Intifada NYC" T-shirt. Instead of condemning the word intifada — a call for violence in the Middle East — Almontaser told the scrappy tabloid that the slogan was not meant to inflame hatred and to encourage violence but was instead meant to tell women to "shake off" oppression.

That didn't sit well with New Yorkers still shell-shocked from 9/11. The president of New York's United Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten, condemned Almontaser's comments and called the T-shirts "warmongering."

Almontaser was replaced by interim principal, Danielle Salzberg. She is Jewish and does not speak Arabic but did work with the non-profit New Visions for Public Schools, which helped establish the Arabic school. Now, no one is happy.

Mayor Mike Bloomberg has publicly stated his support for the school, but a group called "Stop the Madrassa" and other critics say the city has not shared enough information about the curriculum and the content of the textbooks. The main fears are that the school could be a city-funded way to radicalize and indoctrinate youth, and that no one outside the school would be able to properly monitor what was going on if the textbooks and classes are in a language city officials can't understand.

While Almontaser publicly said the school would have no religious content, she had asked for a halal cafeteria, meaning the food served in the publicly funded cafeteria would have to be permitted under Islamic law. The city rejected the request.

Almontaser also wanted students to converse with retired Arabic-speaking community members during lunch breaks, but the city said they’d have to go through a background check first.

How to find a new principal is puzzling and daunting. Will discriminatory practices be used in hiring a new principal? Is the city looking to hire an Arab? An Arabic speaker? Will the next principal, if female, be veiled or unveiled?

"That's an interesting question," says education department spokesperson Melody Meyer. "I'll get back to you on that one."

New Yorkers are asking themselves whether they actually need an Arabic school, especially since only 44 children enrolled (there is room for 60 students) and just six of the children speak the language.


"I don't see the necessity of an Arabic school filled with non-Arabic speaking students. I thought we had a separation between church and state," she wrote.


"This is a city that saw Ari Halberstam shot to death on the Brooklyn Bridge after his assailant, Rashid Baz, listened to a sermon at the Islamic Society of Bay Ridge. And more recently saw a clerk at an Islamic bookstore in Bay Ridge, Shahawar Matin Siraj, convicted of a plot to blow up the Herald Square subway station."

Joined: 03 Oct 2007
Posts: 831
Reputation: 129.8
votes: 8
Location: NYC Area

PostPosted: Mon Oct 08, 2007 11:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Just to clarify, the "movers and shakers" behind opening the Brooklyn madrassa (at public expense) are linked to the goons behind the senseless attack on the New York City police in 1972.
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Arabic public school divides Brooklyn; beware Multi-Cult

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