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PostPosted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 6:43 pm    Post subject: Court quashes Trans Moutain pipeline approval Reply with quote

Court quashes Canadian approval of Trans Mountain oil pipeline
Rod Nickel

WINNIPEG, Manitoba (Reuters) - A Canadian court on Thursday overturned approval of the Trans Mountain oil pipeline expansion, ruling that Ottawa failed to adequately consider aboriginal concerns, in a blow to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s efforts to balance environmental and economic issues.

Trudeau’s government agreed in May to buy the pipeline from Kinder Morgan Canada Ltd for C$4.5 billion ($3.46 billion), betting it would win the court battle and expand Trans Mountain despite fierce political and environmental opposition.

The decision also hurts Canada’s oil producers, who say the expanded pipeline is needed to address bottlenecks that have sharply reduced prices for their crude. Shares fell on the decision.

The Federal Court of Appeal ruled that the National Energy Board (NEB) regulator wrongly narrowed its review of the project to exclude related tanker traffic. Additionally, the federal government failed to adequately consult First Nations, as required by law, it ruled.

“The big takeaway is the duty to consult (indigenous people) is still the most important step in any major project,” said Andrew Leach, associate professor of business economics at the University of Alberta.

Trudeau has portrayed himself as a friend to aboriginal people and tried to build national support for a carbon emissions reduction plan, even while backing Trans Mountain to support the oil industry.

“It’s quite a slap to the government by the court on the grounds of reconciliation with First Nations,” said Kathryn Harrison, a professor of political science at the University of British Columbia. “They’ve committed billions of dollars in taxpayers’ funds, doubling down on a project that the courts have just quashed.”

Trudeau’s finance minister, Bill Morneau, said the government remains “absolutely committed” to building the project, adding the sale could close as early as Friday.

“We know that we must diversify our economy and our markets for resources, and that’s why it was important” to buy the pipeline, Morneau told reporters in Toronto.

In a statement, Kinder Morgan Canada President Ian Anderson said the court ruling was not a condition of the pipeline’s sale to Ottawa. He said the project is suspending construction.

Kinder Morgan Canada shareholders voted on Thursday to approve the pipeline’s sale to Ottawa.

Canada has the option to appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court but Morneau said the government had made no decisions and needs time to study the ruling.

An appeal to the higher court would drag out the project at least another couple of years, Harrison said.

“Thankfully, the court has stepped in where Canada has failed to protect and respect our rights and our water,” Coldwater Indian Band Chief Lee Spahan said in a statement. “Our members will be hugely relieved.”

The Trans Mountain expansion would nearly triple capacity on an existing line from Edmonton, Alberta, to a port in the Vancouver area for export. It was approved by the federal government in 2016.

The court’s ruling is likely to amplify sentiments expressed by oil producers, such as Suncor Energy Inc, that they would hold off on further major investments in Canada’s oil patch until regulatory challenges abated.

Shares of Canadian oil producers fell in Toronto, led lower by heavy oil producers MEG Energy Corp and Athabasca Oil Corp, which are especially hurt by price discounts connected to clogged pipelines.

Further delays will harm Canada’s economy by limiting access to global markets, said Al Reid, executive vice-president of oil producer Cenovus Energy Inc.

Renewed doubts about Trans Mountain place greater importance for Canada’s oil industry on two other pipeline projects. Enbridge Inc is rebuilding Line 3 from Alberta to a hub in Wisconsin, while TransCanada Corp is considering construction of Keystone XL from Alberta to Nebraska.

Reporting by Rod Nickel in Winnipeg, Manitoba; Additional reporting by Julie Gordon in Washington; Editing by Bill Berkrot and Matthew Lewis

Another problem in priorities ... aboriginal people come first because ... well, it's 2018 and they're called the First Nations for a reason ...

This will change everything out west. I wonder how the NDP in Alberta are feeling about their chances now? Will Jagmeet be forced to take a position? And what were all the years of environmental reviews and archeologcal ponderings about if not to get a final approval?

If Canada doesn't want investment money, why not just put a sign up, If you want to invest in Canada, expect long delays and understand that'no final decision is really final.

Joined: 16 Dec 2009
Posts: 6553
Reputation: 304.5Reputation: 304.5
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 10:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Retaliation ... it's beginning to look as if Rachel Notley and Doug Ford may end up on the same side ... who'da thought it?

Alberta pulling out of federal climate change plan until pipeline construction resumes
Plan 'isn’t worth the paper it’s written on,' without her province, premier says
John Paul Tasker, Kathleen Harris · CBC News · Posted: Aug 30, 2018 8:56 AM ET | Last Updated: an hour ago

Alberta will pull out Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's national climate change plan until construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion gets back on track, Premier Rachel Notley said Thursday after the Federal Court of Appeal quashed approvals for the project.

"As important as climate action is to our province's future I have also always said that taking the next step, in signing on to the federal climate plan, can't happen without the Trans Mountain pipeline," Notley told reporters in a live address Thursday evening.

"So today I am announcing that with the Trans Mountain halted, and the work on it halted, until the federal government gets its act together; Alberta is pulling out of the federal climate plan," she added.

"And let's be clear, without Alberta that plan isn't worth the paper it's written on."

The premier said she was angered by the court decision that essentially suspends construction of the pipeline indefinitely, saying the ruling is bad for working families and the economic security of Canada.

"The current state of affairs in Canada is such that building a pipeline to tidewater is practically impossible," Notley said.

The ruling is a major victory for Indigenous groups and environmentalists opposed to the $7.4-billion project. [....]

This is a mess. The company that sold the government the pipeline must have to suppress their giggles when they go to the office. They parked this turkey for a premium price, and now it's at the start of another set of environmental and race entitlement reviews.

I don't think it's back to square one, but it is definitely a multi-move set-back. The pipe sits on railway tracks waiting for the project to start.

What are Justin and Moreau to do? Walk all over the courts? Or go for an appeal? If they want the project to start before the next election, they have to figure something out. Quick!

Perhaps surrender to aboriginal extortion? Another humiliating defeat??? Time will tell. He likes to use his 'charm' to ooze out of these situations, but can he leave it to Moreau in the same way he left the public statements to Freeland? Moreau isn't the glib liar that Freeland is ... he is awkward and is not persuasive. He tends to respond with aggression when challenged.

But Trudeau reveals himself as an idiot in technical discussions. He is good on the empty platitudes ... when he starts to 'think-on-his-feet' he's in trouble because he puts his foot in his mouth so often.

It's an awkward posture that he says he learned in yoga class. But the optics aren't good. It makes people think he's got his head up his ass.

Who, then, to carry the ball on explaining how this mess is all Harper's fault, and do it in such a way that Justin is fighting for the little person? That's a big assignment for a fact-bound mind like Moreau's.

Maybe Ralph Goodale?

Joined: 16 Dec 2009
Posts: 6553
Reputation: 304.5Reputation: 304.5
votes: 8

PostPosted: Fri Aug 31, 2018 12:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Peter MacKay on the impact of this ruling ...


Joined: 16 Dec 2009
Posts: 6553
Reputation: 304.5Reputation: 304.5
votes: 8

PostPosted: Fri Aug 31, 2018 8:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Kinder Morgan shareholders vote 99% in favour of Trans Mountain pipeline sale to Ottawa
National News | August 30, 2018 by APTN National News Attributed to: | 1 Comment
The Canadian Press

Shareholders in Kinder Morgan Canada Ltd. have voted more than 99 per cent in favour of the sale of its Trans Mountain pipeline and expansion project to the federal government for $4.5 billion.

The brief meeting in Calgary was chaired by the CEO of both Kinder Morgan Canada Inc. and its U.S. parent, Steven Kean.

The outcome was not in question as Kinder Morgan Inc. retained about 70 per cent of the shares after spinning off its Canadian assets in a $1.75-billion initial public offering in May of 2017.

Earlier Thursday, the Federal Court of Appeal quashed the approval of the Trans Mountain project after finding that the federal government failed in its duty to engage in meaningful consultations with First Nations before approving the project.

The decision means the National Energy Board will have to begin anew its review of the Trans Mountain project.

Giggling ... they have unloaded this old pipeline for top dollar.

I told you back when Trudeau needed all those nannies, at public expense -- these Liberals will try to solve every problem with money. You watch, as they try to bribe the aboriginal opponents of the pipeline.

We could have had a pipeline built with private money, and it would cost us nothing. That has already been projected to blow a $7 billion hole in the budget. But that's government -- on the pattern, the total cost is likely to be more like $15-20 billion!

Another colossal blunder.
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Court quashes Trans Moutain pipeline approval

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