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PostPosted: Mon Jul 03, 2017 1:56 pm    Post subject: Understanding how Trump is using the media ... Reply with quote

Understanding how Trump uses the media ...

If you watched the Sunday pundit shows you know that Trump has done it again. Civilization is teetering on the brink, thanks to Trump's twittering.

His most recent effort showed Trump himself, striking down a guy with a CNN logo for a face, at the side of a wrestling ring ... in the present context, with CNN having been caught launching a fake news story, un-fact-checked, it was hilarious.


The CNN story claimed one of Trump's aides was involved with a Russian development bank, and who knows what else. But someone did fact-check, and the aide had never been a customer of their bank. There turned out to be no source, and three reporters were fired.

So CNN had to retract the story. Trump's tweet is hilarious.

But the media don't see the humour at all -- or at least don't let on. It's because They feel that Trump is departing from the high standard first set by George Washington whose taciturn principles glowed in the dark, commanding respect even as he snored. And of course, Trump is just too middle-brow to be endured. Will no one rid me of troublesome financier?

This is illustrative of what I think is happening. Half the country gets a chuckle. (Imagine if Obama were tackling Fox!) To those who think it's a funny bit of froth, the announcers seem to be hyperventilating. To those who think it's undignified, Trump has done it again. The adjectives begin to flow ... encouraging violence against journalists ... sexist ... racist ... they hit all the bases, the words don't even have to be said, the 'narrative' has been cut so deep..

In internet language, Trump is 'trolling' the media. He knows exactly how they will react, and maybe that reaction is exactly the point. It's like irony, which works best when the target doesn't realize he's being set up. It's an 'insider'outsider' kind of humour, kind of cruel.

Understand, this last video is only the most recent in a war Trump has conducted against Fake News, of which CNN is an exemplar. People have seen this all acted out before, It's actually starting to re-orient the pop culture.

The 'right' is becoming cool. They are the ones with the humour, they are the ones who can get away with sassiness. They are the ones who defend free speech and civil rights. They are the insurgents challenging political correctness with common sense. They are becoming the counter-culture!

The 'left' finds itself defending old-line institutions with cherry-picked facts and faux outrage. Every time they load up against Trump, they illustrate how obsolete their thinking is. The other side is smirking to themselves, feeling 'hip'.

It's early yet, but this may get nasty. Anything can happen, but it feels like a new fault-line is opening up within the Millennial generation itself. A lot of them feel stifled and intimidated, but they don't go along with the programme as much as we have been led to believe by all this 'snowflake' talk. There's a section of young people who must see themselves that their lives are not going to be like their parents' lives. They are preparing themselves to face a declining economy and social upheaval.

Trump is clearly using his tweets to answer the media back, and he is being effective. He knows that Time-Warner (which owns CNN) is being sold to AT&T, and there are clear anti-trust issues. Attacking Trump can't help the sale's prospects. So, he provokes them, after they have been caught lying. They can't help but respond pompously, and so they come across as pompous liars. Not great for a news channel.

Now he is going after Joe Scarboro and Mika. They have been relentless and very unfair in their attacks on Trump, daily calling him a goon, a clown, etc. The news pros that sit around hang back, until one toadie banters on the topic.

The irony is -- as these shows lose credibility, the attacks attract viewers, and ratings go up. Perhaps it takes a dramatic turn to finally establish a victor, and the CNN case was unusual because they were caught, more or less on the spot, just as Project Veritas's videos were appearing, showing CNN producers joking about how stupid the American public is, and how the ratings drove the news. You would almost think that Trump funds Project Veritas.
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Understanding how Trump is using the media ...

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