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PostPosted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 4:33 pm    Post subject: What's happening in Berkeley ... Reply with quote

This is some material from the internet. The thing is, these days, everyone has a camera. At least everyone in California does. So there's lots of them. But also, some of the stuff is set up so it can be videotaped. Let me explain.

This is a reaction to the intolerance of present day university campuses. Don't think it's only in the USA -- Toronto is one of the epicenters of an immense cultural struggle. But this is about Berkeley, and the civilization-wide cultural event that is taking place.

The initial protests were aimed at preventing speakers with whom the current post-modern mind disagrees from telling their story. That has gone on for quite awhile. Then a flamboyantly gay from England challenged them. The chant circles and siren-blowers met their match, because he was gay. They were crapping on a gay guy purely because of his politics. He'd rub it in their faces, with descriptions of sex acts with black men. He wasn't a racist either. And he was all in for Trump!

He has shown the way of struggle. His supporters form a nucleus around which a resistance to this nonsense called 'political correctness' has formed. Now the right are the cool guys. They make a fuss, raise money, get videos on the net, etc And get more support.

So the other side ... is it 'the left'? ... a black bloc type has moved in. At Berkeley, they have 100 or so people who are very intimidating, and who don't want to talk, they want to slug a nazi. They dress like ninjas, all in black, and carry weapons, explosives, pepper spray, but so far, at least, no guns.

And an escalation is taking place. This is what you should see -- the epic battle of University of California, Berkeley. The place that rang in the social revolution of the 1960ies (with a battle for free speech) is now allowing gangs to stifle expression, and is being resisted by taxpaying citizens demanding the university be open to other views. People became internet stars-for-a-day and got their 15 minutes of fame as a result. This is a big event.


WARNING: It runs 16 minutes, but it is repetitious. If you just watch the first 3 or 4 minutes, you will see all you need to know to make up your own mind about the scale of violence, and that the Antifa group, the ninjas, who aren't as good as they thought they were at fisticuffs and street fighting, are increasingly bringing explosives, improvised grenades in bottles. The idea has been circulated that it's OK to hit a nazi. I don't know how, or who, but there you are. It was a phenomenon.

At about 1.10 -- 1.30 a girl gets hit. This is moldylocks, who will do a star-turn as a victimized woman, to mich derision.

At about 1:45, the crowd starts to chase a guy holding an American flag. It is Based Stickman who is a central figure in the Proud Boys, who are dedicated to protecting the crowd from Antifa. This leads to an epic confrontation, in which Based Stickman beats down and intimidates a larger number of Antifa. That starts at about 2:40 on the video. It's all over by 3:30. That event, sent over the internet, is stirring a generation that we don't understand very well, but who have lived with computers all their lives. And are sick of being intimidated.
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What's happening in Berkeley ...

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