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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 9:03 am    Post subject: Abacus new poll ... Libs 38%. Cons 34% NDP 17% Reply with quote

Abacus has a new poll out. They are already into pre-election campaign coverage, setting up a horserace version. Of course, the big question isn't on the survey -- it's Bernier and his party's position.

... Nationally, voting inclinations show the Liberals with 38% support, the Conservatives with 34%, the NDP at 17%. Liberal support in Ontario has strengthened in our latest wave of data, perhaps as a function of the settling out of provincial political influences.

The Liberals lead by 10 in BC, by 9 in Ontario, by 18 in Quebec and by 8 in Atlantic Canada. The Conservatives lead by 37 in Alberta and 18 in the other two Prairie provinces.

There you have it ... the Liberals are sitting pretty.


But we know -- don't we? -- that there are darker forces stirring. This is the thing -- it's like waiting for the hurricane when it's two or three days out.

Because everything could change very quickly, depending on their stance on NAFTA.

October 1 comes closer. The situation in Mexico is this -- the new administration takes over on December 1, I believe. The outgoing party has been unofficially involved in the Mexican negotiations and accept them, but for reasons of optics (fooling the people) they want the out-going regime to sign it. That means everything has to be done before December 1.

It's a hard deadline.

Trump has set a deadline of October 1 on Canada signing on to NAFTA because that's when the Congressional process starts. That might be soft -- Canada may be able to hold out through October and make the train, but no later.

This is one of the biggest events of our lives, and we are almost totally in the dark' about where it 'really stands. We are having our strings pulled ... we aren't going to be pushed around ... or is there actually is a Canadian culture that the government wants to save? It ends up being MacLeans, the cable industry, and the CBC. That's Canadian culture when you get right down to it!

Canada is a part of the same civilization as the Americans. In as much as there was a distinct culture here, it's Quebec basically. So much of this is simple posturing that it is nausea-inducing.

There should be a serious discussion in the public about our true alternatives.

If we all decided, in our way, that there is a culture here that's worth the $billion+ we spend, OK, but let's make it something. On the CBC as culture ... Little Mosque in the Prairie was it for me -- is that Canadian culture? Count me out. (We had Margaret Atwood and Gord Lightfoot before all that protectionism.)

I'd rather have duty free access to the best American magazines and books.

But that's me. I make the point that if these issues genuinely were the priorities of the public, I wouldn't squeak. But it's the way we are being manipulated. I think they know they are going to have to capitulate at this point. They are casting around for something that makes them look good, as if they are our protectors.

You know how to look good, at least in my eyes? Do what you have to do to settle it.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2018 2:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Campaign has come in with a poll that have the Tories @ 38 with the LPC @ 36


Based on this, the Liberals appear to have an Ontario Problem.
Especially in the 905s.

Joined: 16 Dec 2009
Posts: 6187
Reputation: 294.7
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2018 4:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well, they are putting the auto industry on the block to save those Quebec dairy farmers.

If it's this bad now, what's it going to be like if/when the tariffs hit, and Doug Ford goes on a rampage.

I calm myself with the idea that even this lot can't be foolish enough to let this go on. Surely after the Quebec election, they'll concede, and then claim Trump wanted to gobble up our culture, but the Liberals stepped in, and scored a big victory -- saving us from the scourge of competition and significantly cheaper prices for books and movies.

But why give them credit for any common sense at all? What would you base that forlorn hope on?
Toronto Centre

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2018 5:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Bugs wrote:
Well, they are putting the auto industry on the block to save those Quebec dairy farmers.

Considering your admonishment of QueenMandy being fed 'Sorry, queenmandy, but you have been assigned your attitudes by the media.' this quoted bon mot above is sheer hypocrisy.

Well, actually its an outright lie . Funny thing is you know it. Even worse it is stupid to say and yet, here we are.

Back to Alex Jones you go !
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Abacus new poll ... Libs 38%. Cons 34% NDP 17%

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