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Joined: 16 Dec 2009
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 10, 2017 5:22 pm    Post subject: Russian Collusion technically impossible Reply with quote

It turns out that the Russian Collusion story is technically impossible.


The background. Wikileaks revealed batches of Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails during the election as well as those of Podesta, the Clinton campaign boss and all-round Washington apparatchik.

The DNC emails revealed that the voting was being rigged for Hillary. In fact, it's entirely possible that Bernie could have won the nomination without the rigged vote. I don't just mean inclusion of senior party figures, I mean actual ballot manipulations.

The article shows that the 'transfer speed' of the downloaded emails was greater than could be achieved over the internet. It means their computer was not hacked by outsiders, but the source was an insider, and it was done through a thumb drive or some such device on site. Which means that Wikileaks got the emails from someone who worked for the DNC or at least had physical access to the DNC computers.

The Podesta emails were a result of hacking, and the hacker is known -- Guccifer 2 -- but the same research eliminates his connection to the Russians. Check it out.

Joined: 16 Dec 2009
Posts: 3953
Reputation: 232.7
votes: 8

PostPosted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 2:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Let me take you on set of speculations ... let's call them realistic speculations, based on the recognition that the Russian collusion story is fake news. This is what I imagine could be happening at the two poles of American politics.

The negative pole -- the Democrats -- is trying to depose Trump, through using accusations against him to create a narrative of incompetence, misogyny and racism. They have accused him of being Russia's Manchurian Candidate, for example. They keep doubling down on their accusations, moving from one to another.

The positive pole -- the Republicans -- have a checklist of items that President hopes to accomplish, including the repeal of Obamacare, tax cuts, immigration control, and renegotiating trade agreements.

So far, the negative pole has been prevailing in the sense that it has been able to slow down and prevent Trump's agenda from being implemented. The Democrats have two priorities for the next elections -- to retake the Senate, and thus have a veto on Presidential power, and second, to take the House, so they can start impeachment proceedings. The Senate is half the Democrat senators are going into an election year soon -- so it is important that the tide be turned for them.

Know we know the Russian collusion story was fake, we can untease the current events, as they cover Korea. It also is an object lesson in how 'media' are used to influence the public. But it's also an exercise in logical speculation.

If the Russian collusion story is fake news being used to undermine Trump regardless ... then it is probably the case that the Korean story is a counter-move to that.

Kim Jung-Un might have been blowing rockets off until the cows come home, and if the media didn't tell us, we would have no idea. Does the West have reporters on site? Doubtful. We see special footage created for us to see -- as censored by the networks, etc. Our side has known about the miniaturization of the warheads for a few years. It's not a new threat.

But why is it 'news' to us? This item has been fished out of a file, dusted off, and activated. It isn't an accident.

Speculation #1: it's because this story can be absolutely counted on to rally support to the President!

To flesh this out -- back in North Korea, Kim Jong-Un is strutting about, showing off North Korea's latest military capability, making empty threats -- and suddenly the world spotlight is upon him. Comrade Kim Jung-Un is a character almost drawn from a comic strip. He's easy to demonize.

And suddenly, we are in a dance ... where North Korea is qualifying its threat, turning it into a public test, not a military attack ... and the Security Council has OK'd the new embargo. Will China enforce it? Suddenly ... council meetings at the highest levels in North Korea ... the threats grow less strident.

A new narrative emerges, with Trump as the central figure in a strong determination to protect America -- his whole lineup is strong and 100% on-side with Trump's actions. He's Daddy Warbucks, saving America in its hour of need!

Almost immediately, as Rush Limbaugh pointed out, the FBI announced the midnight raid on the Manafort residence. It vied for headlines with the Korea story. The actual raid took place a couple of weeks prior to the release of the news. It serves the purpose of re-opening the Russian collusion thing, again. On CNN, this item was presented as if it were an indications that arrests would soon follow.

To illustrate: they are examining Manafort's work for the bad guys in the Ukraine. He did something to organize a campaign there, almost a decade ago. He didn't register as a foreign lobbyist -- perhaps because he was in the Ukraine? -- which is the offence they are 'investigating', as far as we know. If you don't believe the FBI is being used politically, consider that Hillary Clinton's home has never been raided and she is guilty of actual crimes, and the FBI knows it!

But I think what's interesting is understanding that Trump, too, has his resources in this field.

Mark Steyn's take on the situation ...
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Russian Collusion technically impossible

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