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PostPosted: Thu Aug 10, 2017 12:55 pm    Post subject: What about North Korea? Reply with quote

There is a fascinating exchange taking place in US-North Korea relations. "Cold" doesn't seem to be the right word. More like "Almost War". Nuclear war.

The new knowledge -- the already suspect intelligence services come to the conclusion that it is 'likely' that North Korea has mastered the 'miniaturization' of a nuclear bomb. And it is implied that they have 60 such bombs.

I think this might well be propaganda. If we could go back to the basis of this information, there are probably a lot of assumptions involved.

North Korea threatens Guam. Guam? This is going for the capillaries. Still, this is probably a target they can actually hit. The talk about hitting Boston is probably alarmist.

Still, it's an actual threat of nuclear war. What is mystifying to a lot of Westerners is what they want out of it.

I suspect that this is the result of an escalating set of embargoes being applied to North Korea. What they fundamentally want, I imagine, is relief from these embargoes, and to keep their missiles and bombs.

And Trump has responded with an "Oh yeah?" response. He told them to shut up or he'll give the signal.


This goes back. Obama flew nuclear bombers over the peninsula, to get a little intimidation, for instance. The whole thing has been going on for years. The UN, the USA, etc have all tried to get North Korea to stop a program of developing a nuclear bomb and have been essentially swindled every time they got an agreement.

And when they didn't, they applied economic pressure. Embargoes. Currency valuation. Stuff like that. The North Koreans very likely have taught the people that this is an attack on them by outsiders.

Now it seems to be coming to the point where the can can't be kicked down the road any further. There is a real prospect of war. North Korea has already made a huge investment in their military, and they feel they are still at war with an enemy that is occupying half their peninsula. They want to reunify their country, they really do.

The Trump people are right, in my book, to want to settle this issue before the North Koreans have the bomb and a long-range missile system to boot. This is a complicated issue because (I suspect) China is involved. I could be wrong, but North Korea is likely a client state -- if an unruly one -- and I can't imagine that the North Koreans would make such progress in such a short time without Chnese aid, or at least turning a blind eye to embargo violations.

Just so you understand, according to the CIA Worldbook, North Korea has a GNP of $40 billion and a per capita income of about $1800 US dollars. (That's 10% of what it is in Mexico!) It has a 1% growth rate, and a 25% unemployment rate. It looks like it has lapsed into depression (by two-year-old numbers). It could be a way of China having control of such rockets without the risk of actually having them -- if you see what I mean. Duplicity abounds in this world.

What is to be done? Any thoughts?
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What about North Korea?

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