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PostPosted: Sat Sep 11, 2010 11:46 am    Post subject: Anniversary of 9/11 memories...soft targets of Islamism Reply with quote

On September 11, 2002, around 6:00 p.m., someone set off the fire alarm in my apartment building in St. Catharines. Within seconds, the hall outside my unit filled up with men who I at first thought were fire fighters but then remembered the super of my building had only recently installed the fire alarm and showed me how to disable it within seconds. I also remembered the super told me the fire alarm was not hooked up to the fire station but only installed to alert residents in the event of fire. One of the men in the hall spoke and said, "Have we got a key for this one?" then tried my door, that was locked, and I responded, "No fire in here". I stood in one spot, terrorized as NPR had broadcast there might be anniversary incidents, even in Canada, and I realized that was what was happening. I watched the clock. The alarm rung for exactly one hour and during that time, the group of men remained outside my apartment door and did not go to other parts of the building. I waited for several hours after they left before I went out into the hall and when I did I found it in darkness. Someone had removed the light bulbs from the ceiling and smashed them and scattered them around the entrance to my apartment. When the super returned that night, he apologized and said "they" waited until he went out to do that.

The enemy has engaged in soft targeting of civilians in the west, including in Canada. Although I am a secular Christian (I don't belong to any church but I have tried to base my life on how Christ would act) I have been spat upon and called "a filthy Jew" something I had never before 9/11 experienced. Another man told me he worships Hitler for killing people like me, "people with ideas" he called us. Why have I been targeted? Not sure, exactly, except what one police officer said, that I know something. And probably also because I have spoken out, petitioned our government, let it know when I observed what could have been terrorist cell activity at a local library that, shortly after I reported it, was cleaned up.

Anyone else had this sort of experience?
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Anniversary of 9/11 memories...soft targets of Islamism

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