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PostPosted: Sat Mar 06, 2010 3:08 pm    Post subject: Nelson Santos liberal cand in essex reconsiders fed run Reply with quote

Santos reconsiders federal run

Liberal nominee to decide by June
By Sharon Hill, The Windsor StarMarch 4, 2010 Kingsville mayor and federal Liberal candidate Nelson Santos said he will announce in June whether he will seek re-election as mayor or try his luck in the federal riding of Essex.

"My record has shown if I run for a position I'm committed to the full term of that position," Santos said Wednesday.

"If I can't make a four-year commitment, I will make the determination not to seek re-election but I need to go through all the discussions and review my position."

A federal election hasn't been called but at the latest it would have to be held in 2012 which would land within the four-year term of municipal council.

Election rumours were in the air in August when Santos got the Liberal nomination but now it isn't clear when the minority Conservatives and voters could face a trip to the polls.

Santos said it isn't an easy decision but he made it clear he would choose one or the other. He said it would be unfair to voters to be campaigning for two political posts. "I will make that firm decision public June or prior to June."

Santos, 39, who has been on Kingsville council for 13 years, said he's busy with municipal business including budgets as county warden and Kingsville's mayor. He said he's waiting to see what happens in the federal field. The throne speech was delivered Wednesday to be followed by the federal budget today.

In August, MP Jeff Watson said Santos should quit as mayor and warden but Santos said it wouldn't be right to leave his post during the recession. Watson said he wouldn't be commenting on Santos' situation.

The municipal election is Oct. 25 and candidates have until Sept. 10 to file. Santos said making an announcement by June still gives other candidates time to file their paperwork for the municipal election.

So far Jim Shean, a 65-year-old retired OPP officer and bank administrator, is the only candidate who has filed in Kingsville to run for mayor.

Shean said he doesn't believe in acclamations and hoped there would be several candidates. "I feel we need some fresh blood into the system," Shean said.

Others are waiting for Santos, said Coun. Tamara Stomp.

"Everybody's just sitting around waiting to see what happens," she said.

Stomp said she won't run for mayor and hasn't decided if she'll run for council again. She questioned why Santos would wait until June. "He's either running nationally or he's not," she said.

Deputy Mayor Katherine Gunning usually files her nomination papers early, but this year said she is undecided on what position she'll seek, she said. Santos' decision is "going to influence the direction I'm going to take."

She said she likes serving as deputy mayor and on county council but after 10 years on council is getting some indications that she needs to move to the next stage.

Coun. Chris Lewis is considering running for deputy mayor or mayor but he said it's too early to announce his intentions. Lewis said his decision won't be affected by whether Santos runs for mayor.

"By no means am I waiting on anybody to pull their papers. I've got a game plan set and when the time's right I'll pull the trigger."

Lewis said it is still early in the municipal race. "Things are going to heat up here all in due time."

Other councillors couldn't be reached for comment Wednesday.

This week two candidates filed to run for Kingsville council: Coun. Gord Queen and Sandy McIntyre, a former town employee.


Joined: 02 Mar 2009
Posts: 8898
Reputation: 294
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Location: Ontario

PostPosted: Sat Mar 06, 2010 3:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

( the liberal candidate in Huron bruce is also trying to figure out what to do , looks like the liberals just can't seem to keep candidates for long these days or keep them motivated to be a candidtae when they could be doing other things )

Two Potential Elections For Brockton Mayor
Thursday, March 4, 2010 1:40 pm
Brockton's Mayor potentially has two elections on his plate. Charlie Bagnato is the federal Liberal condidate for Huron-Bruce riding. That leaves him with a decision to make before the October 25 municipal election rolls around. Bagnato says being the Liberal candidate for Huron-Bruce is his first priority, but if there's no federal election on the horizon he wants to run again for Brockton Mayor. A spring federal election is unlikely, but Bagnato is convinced a federal election will be called before the year is over.


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PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2010 8:52 pm    Post subject: Election call soon Reply with quote

The parachute candidate from Toronto who was "selected" to run in my rural Ontario riding was door knocking this weekend. Considering that fact she is in the same bay Street law firm as grit party president Al Apps, (some suggest the relationship is eh heh, not professional...) that insider info has her showing up where she is not wanted. Considering the fact she is charging her "traveling expenses" between Toronto and a Riding 7 hrs drive away to the local grit riding association, you wouldn't burn through cash on gas and meals unless you were fairly certain an election was about to be shoved onto Canadians.

Grits like Apps know iffy's days are numbered and that the only way to get rid of that mistake is for an election to happen, even if Apps is to blame for that foolish blunder.

The Grits got the word from Frank Graves and Frank is right, it's either now or never 'cause the numbers are only go'in get worse for iffy!
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Nelson Santos liberal cand in essex reconsiders fed run

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