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PostPosted: Wed Nov 18, 2009 4:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

machiavelli wrote:
The far-left plunging Harper government is consistently reminding us pursuant to the taxes they cut, however they never mention that they disingenuously employ their government agencies to increase taxes.

An example of this disingenuous tax increasing behavior was the use of the CRTC last summer to increase our cable tax. My letter from Rogers reads: CRTC “has established a new fund to which cable TV and satellite companies are required to contribute. The Local Programming Improvement Fund will subsidize TV stations….” Any reasonable tax payer recognizes this as a HARPER TAX INCREASE.

Currently the CRTC is going through the motions in order to once again raise our taxes with another HARPER TAX INCREASE.

Canadians want a system where TV consumers can pick and choose all of their stations without any packages.

Its time for all of us to stand up and tell Harper that we, recession survivors do not want another HAPER TAX INCREASE.

The CRTC "fund", if it goes through, is program spending. If the CRTC find the money for this fund within their own budget, it would be revenue neutral for tax payers. If it represents a new liability for the government, it must be approved by the Treasury Board. It's not a tax increase and is unlikely to result in a tax increase.

I'm not happy about this corporate welfare so if you're going to criticize the government, have at it but try to keep it real for a change. It's got nothing to do with "left-plunging" or any of your "stock" rants. You're embarrassing real conservatives.

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CTV stations face the axe if cable doesn't pay

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