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Edmund Onward James

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 10, 2009 6:28 pm    Post subject: BARBARIANS Reply with quote

Dom Hussain Huntman is a Dutchman converted to Islam and lives in Morocco, the fuedal monarchy nation, with erotic and extreme connotations of comfort and sex for the slightly bent. Hussain Huntman wrote comments and posted pieces in the Canadian Coalition for Democracies. Of course I countered his opinions and bias facts.

But the CCD is revamping their forum so he continues to send me comments about my pieces on www.onwardjames.blogspot.com which I never post because he can be foul-mouthed and basically obtuse, though he once worked for counter-terrorism -- he stated.

Recently, he sent me a comment about the synopsis of my novel "Barbarians" since I attack Islam and Muslims in my weblog. I emailed him a missive that explained the book is historical fiction and much of what I wrote was true, except for the love story.

But, the point of this is that if a Muslim brags about Salah al-Din (Saladin) and the Crusades just mention the name Chingis Khan (the West called him Genghis) and watch the reaction on their faces. The Mongols virtually wiped out Islam on the map of the world. However, the Great Khan was open to the subjugated as long as they paid royalties and came forth when called upon. For two hundred years things were fairly quiet in the Muslim world. Correct me if I am wrong.


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PostPosted: Sat Jun 13, 2009 11:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

It has been said that during the reign of the Khans, a woman could ride her horse from one end of the empire to the other without fear of being interfered with whatsoever... Try that in any Islamic republic nowadays...

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