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PostPosted: Sun Jul 20, 2008 3:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Mac wrote:
Agreed. I know Harper is fighting an uphill battle in the House, in the media and, in some cases, within his party but opportunities like this one don't come along everyday. Perhaps he was worried about the optics of dragging his appointee through a trial by fire during a time when the HRCs are already under scrutiny but that's exactly what needed to happen so the role of the Commissioner AND the role of the HRCs could be exposed and debated openly. Let's hear all those Liberal politicians openly proclaim their disdain for freedom of speech so their voters know what they're about.

Whenever there is a change of helm at an agency there should be some Parliamentary oversight in selecting the new head and getting an idea of that person's priorities for the role.

And no agency needs it more than the CHRC. Gordon Fairweather ran the Commission as if he was Captain Queeg. It has been mismanaged and there have been accusations of discrimination. Application of Section 13 has gone from a hatemongering provision to one to be used by any group that whines that somebody hurt their feelings.

Ditto the Canada Industrial Relations Board. There have been many concerns expressed about the quality of its decisions recently. But again another appointment by press release.
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