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DM Schwartz

Joined: 08 Sep 2006
Posts: 45
Reputation: 34.4Reputation: 34.4Reputation: 34.4

PostPosted: Tue Oct 31, 2006 9:43 am    Post subject: An Inside Look At the Youth Justice System Reply with quote

I was blogging about Vic Toews in Winnepeg yesterday and an anonymous commenter who said he/she is a youth correctional Officer left an amazing post. It's a real eye opener. I'd like to know what you think.


As a youth correctional officer, let me give you guys an insider view of the YCJA, programming, and rehabilitation.

I am one of many Correctional Officers in a Young Offender facility in Ontario; or at least we USED to be. During the last Government's tenure we saw our job titles changed to "Youth Services Officer". That tells you exactly what our current and former provincial and federal Liberal Government's attitude is and was towards young offenders; that they be "serviced".

We are are not even allowed to refer to them as "young offenders" when we write out and report them for in-facility infractions and incidents. Now they are "young persons".

Our use of force training in no longer provided. Now it is U.M.A.B., "understanding and managing aggressive behavior." We have our officers being continuously investigated for defending themselves and we face threats and assaults on a daily basis from these poor, disadvantaged "young persons". A simple allegation of physical abuse by a young offender who is a murderer or a rapist, even made by one known to falsely accuse in the past, can turn the life of an officer and his family upsidedown, because these are vulnerable "young persons" in need of protection.

We have people running our institutions that have absolutley no experience dealing with young offenders in an instiutional setting, making it very difficult if not impossible to empathize with us and see these issues from our points of view. All too often, superintendants and deputy superintendants positions of our facilities are used for political purposes and to hide incompetent people from other areas.

Right now, we know the public is outraged at the coddling that young offenders are receiving in this pathetic excuse of a justice system. I tell you, for the most part the public and the people only know a minuscle fraction of the outrageous coddling that goes on in these facilities in the name of "justice, rehabilitation, and detterence". If the public and ESPECIALLY the victims knew the true extent (and I and many others have full memories and experiences of such numerous instances), they would practically go insane at the thought and the justifications Ministry officials give to support all this coddling. It is too bad that I cannot give any specific examples, because we have to protect the right to privacy of these criminal thugs. However, there are many victims and members of the public that know who these criminal thugs are.

More and more stories are being reported of these young criminals; some of them robbers, rapists, and murderers serving jokes of a sentence and being released to live out the rest of their young lives; totally unconcerned and unfazed by the havoc they have wrought in their victim's lives. I speak from personal experience when I say that all most of them are concerned about when they are put in jail is getting out and getting on with THEIR lives. I have witnessed countless times how these unrepentant thugs manipulate the system to their advantage while many of the people who support the perpetuation of this system either look the other way, or are willfully blind to their machinations.

Too many of these repeat young offenders are receiving "alternative measures" in sentencing, and its a big joke to them as they get ready to graduate to adult jails. The Liberals have crowed that youth crime stats went down during their watch. There are many reasons why they think they can claim this, however, its so misleading its sickening. Arrests were down because our brother police officers, who are likewise sickened by this injustice system, have their hands tied because they are forced to comply with this alternative measures nonsense. And those repeat offenders that are eventually brought to a judge are often given non-custody sentences or just let off in the "care" of their parents. Do you have any idea how many of these young offenders breach the conditions of these laughable sentences? I'd wager over 90% of the ones that finally receive custody sentences and come into our jurisdiction have breaches among their charges.

More and more are guilty of violent crimes. More and more are joining gangs, both in jail and out. They don't care about counselling, they don't care about rehabilitation. They don't care about victims left in their wake. Hell, they don't even care if they go to jail, because they know for a fact that it is a collosal joke before they move on to the adult system.

So is building more facilities and jailing them longer the right idea? Will it help stop youth crime? Maybe, maybe not. But one thing is for certain. It will take these thugs off the street.

I'm glad to see that Vic Toews recognizes that the YCJA is too weak. We need more detterence in our sentencing, and stiffer laws to punish these criminals. Programming is absolutley useless unless there are teeth to back it up.


A Correctional Grunt, name withheld at authour's request. If a young offender guilty of murder can have their anonymity guaranteed, I think I deserve the same. Thank you.
Buddy Kat

Joined: 24 Sep 2006
Posts: 94
Reputation: 24.6Reputation: 24.6
votes: 1
Location: Saskatchewan

PostPosted: Tue Oct 31, 2006 10:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Too many of these repeat young offenders are receiving "alternative measures" in sentencing, and its a big joke to them as they get ready to graduate to adult jails.

Plenty of info in that post to chew on, but of the top I remember a program for the typical young shop lifter , one of those alternatives that actually exposed the youth to juvenile drug addicts and all walks of delinquincy.

The poor kid from a middle class family had to attend one of those alternatives..to make a long story short..he ended up becoming a heroin addict selling his backside on the streets of Vancouver. So sometimes these alternative measures actually make things worse. The winners of course the legal community.

It's too bad correction workers are muzzled so much..I believe their storys can definately raise eyebrows. How many times have you heard, "corrections blah blah let the crook out"....they never think for a minute that the correction officer is following laws they are forced to follow.

Kids know the differance between right and wrong by the age of 10 , they also know what they can get away with and what they can't. The delinquent will take advantage and they do. The lawyers that become politicans know this and it's a big cash cow for them. The corrections worker is just part of a holding center for their investments. Investments they can count on for the rest of their life.

The solution is too have tougher sentences, but a real jail for the young offender. A little education in the school system of what they can expect if they should end up in one would be a strong deterance also. Instead of rapping(singing) about guns and gangs...they will be singing about the aids they got when they got porked in the kiddy jail. Or sing about the hep a, b, c, they got. Watch the crime stats plummet and the lawyers get mad after that.

All the coddling will do is groom them for future criminal activity. They(politican) know it, and they benifet from it. :wink:

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An Inside Look At the Youth Justice System

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