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PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:09 am    Post subject: 5 Federal By elections called for April 3 Reply with quote

( the by election has been called for april 3 in Ottawa Vanier , although not word yet on the other 4 open ridings )

Federal Ottawa-Vanier byelection happening April 3

Byelection needed after longtime MP Mauril Bélanger died last year

CBC News Posted: Feb 19, 2017 10:50 AM ET| Last Updated: Feb 19, 2017 10:50 AM ET

Four of the candidates running in the Ottawa-Vanier byelection April 3, clockwise from top left: Nirmala Dookeran for the Green Party, Mona Fortier for the Liberals, Adrian Papara for the Conservatives and Emilie Taman for the NDP.

Ottawa-Vanier will elect a replacement for Mauril Bélanger on April 3, according to the Prime Minister's Office.

Bélanger represented the urban riding for the Liberals from February 1995 until August 2016, when he died less than a year after announcing he had been diagnosed with ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease.

Those running to replace him include:

Nirmala Dookeran for the Green Party, a high school teacher and community activist who ran for the party in the last federal election.

Mona Fortier for the Liberals, a businesswoman and Liberal organizer who co-chaired Bélanger's last campaign.

Adrian Papara for the Conservatives, who has an MBA from uOttawa and has been working as a director of operations for Alberta Conservative MP Tom Kmiec.

■Emilie Taman for the NDP, a lawyer who ran for the party in the last federal election and has been critical of the City of Ottawa's plans for a new central library.

The riding has been held by the Liberals since its creation in 1935 but residents have never elected a female MP.


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Joined: 02 Mar 2009
Posts: 8345
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Location: Ontario

PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ottawa-Vanier Liberal nomination contest draws large crowds

Hundreds show up to Ottawa conference centre to cast vote for new Ottawa-Vanier Liberal candidate

Beatrice Britneff

Sunday, February 5th, 2017

The large turnout at the Ottawa-Vanier Liberal candidate selection meeting Sunday revealed the Liberal heart of the riding is more alive and well than ever.

Hundreds of party members jammed the parking lot and crowded into a ballroom at the Ottawa Conference Centre Sunday morning to hear speeches from the eight candidates hoping to fill the shoes of the riding’s beloved former member of Parliament, Mauril Bélanger — who passed away from ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, last August. And excited supporters continue to crowd the building’s centre and hand out pamphlets as members walk in to vote.

Braeden Caley, senior director of communications for the Liberal Party of Canada, said today’s turnout has exceeded the party’s expectations.

“What we’re on track for today is the largest Liberal nomination meeting in Eastern Ontario in close to 30 years,” he said.

Caley confirmed that “a hair more than 7,000 people” registered with the Ottawa-Vanier Federal Liberal Association prior to today’s event — which is the first nomination contest that has occurred since the Liberals moved to make party memberships free to all Canadians. While Ottawa-Vanier has been a Liberal riding since 1935, Caley said he believes the open memberships are responsible for Sunday’s large turnout.

Voting is open until three o’clock Sunday afternoon, during which party members will cast their votes on preferential ballots. The candidate with the least number of first-place votes will be dropped after the first round and those ranked votes will be redistributed among the other candidates. That process will continue until one candidate has more than 50 per cent of the votes.

Caley said he expects it will take about two hours to count the ballots and announce the winning nominee after voting closes.

If noise and campaign signs are any indication of popularity, there is no clear frontrunner in this nomination race. Rather, the competition will most likely be a close race between three or four candidates.

The hollering and clapping was almost deafening when Mona Fortier, Nicolas Moyer and Véronique Soucy all took the stage for their speeches. A significant number of people were also cheering for Khatera Akbari and crowding the entrance of the conference centre.

Liberal MP Greg Fergus, who represents the riding of Hull—Aylmer, introduced the speeches this morning and spoke about Bélanger’s life, work and legacy.

“Keep always your eye on what’s right to do, what’s right for this community and work it hard,” Fergus said to the crowd. “And work it despite… you cannot get greater conditions of adversity than Mauril had, and he continued working.”

Following his speech, Fergus invited the crowd to stand and sing “Mauril’s version” of the national anthem — nodding to Bélanger’s efforts to change the English lyrics of “O Canada” to make them gender neutral.

Frequent applause from the crowd revealed how much Bélanger continues to resonate with Ottawa-Vanier’s Liberal voters. Bélanger was an eight-term MP, who garnered 57.6 per cent of the votes in the in the 2015 election. As they addressed the crowd, almost all of the eight candidates acknowledged Bélanger’s contributions to the riding.

“There is no natural successor to Mauril Bélanger,” Moyer said in French. “But today’s vote is about the future.”

As they took the stage, all eight candidates touted their experience — for many of them, years of work in the public service — and listed what their priorities would be should they be elected to the House of Commons. Probably the most frequently mentioned issues were affordable housing and poverty; Ottawa-Vanier is a riding home to residents on both ends of the income spectrum.

Candidates also mentioned investing in infrastructure, supporting small businesses and the riding’s economy, getting trucks off King Edward Avenue and promoting multiculturalism and community inclusiveness.

Several pointed to building on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s agenda — including the continued welcoming of new Canadians and refugees. Francis LeBlanc even repeated one of Trudeau’s favourite sayings: “Diversity is our strength.”

Ottawa-Vanier is well-known as one of the few Liberal fortresses in the country, and is home to a large number of Franco-Ontarians and immigrants. Despite a boundary change in 1974, the riding has consistently elected a Liberal member of Parliament to the House of Commons over the last 82 years.

All of those MPs have been men — something Fortier pointed to in her speech. Fortier encouraged voters to elect a female candidate to help address the gender gap in the House of Commons. Today, women account for 26 per cent of the 338 seats.

Securing the Liberal candidacy will mean almost a certain win in the upcoming byelection, which Trudeau has to call by February 19.

The New Democratic Party nominated their candidate, University of Ottawa law professor Emilie Taman, back in November. Taman ran unsuccessfully in the same riding during the 2015 election.

The Conservative Party and the Green Party have not yet nominated their candidates.

Bélanger won the riding in 2015 with more than 24,000 votes. Taman came in second with 19.3 per cent of the vote — followed by the Conservative candidate, David Piccini, with 19.1 per cent, and the Green Party candidate, Nina Dookeran, with three per cent.


Joined: 02 Mar 2009
Posts: 8345
Reputation: 279.9
votes: 3
Location: Ontario

PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Mona Fortier wins Liberal nomination for Ottawa-Vanier byelection

Joanne Laucius, Ottawa Citizen
More from Joanne Laucius, Ottawa Citizen

Published on: February 5, 2017 | Last Updated: February 5, 2017 8:49 PM EST

Mona Fortier wrested the Ottawa-Vanier LIberal nomination from seven other candidates.

Mona Fortier wrested the Ottawa-Vanier LIberal nomination from seven other candidates. Ashley Fraser / Postmedia

Mona Fortier has been named Liberal nominee in Ottawa-Vanier.

Thousands of party members packed a Coventry Road convention centre through the day on Sunday to choose a candidate to replace Mauril Bélanger, the federal riding’s long serving MP, who first won the seat in a 1995 byelection.

Bélanger died last August, only nine months after he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS.

Fortier, a communications consultant, considers Bélanger to be a mentor and an inspiration. She has been involved in every political campaign in the riding in the past eight elections.

Fortier, who is married and has three children, said she wants to implement new green initiatives, create jobs and help immigrants to integrate into the workforce and have their credentials recognized in Canada.

“We need to address the gender imbalance in parliament, and I think I’m the best person for the job,” she told the crowd at the nomination meeting.

About 6,500 people in the riding took advantage of free membership to register with the Liberal party. And many of them apparently took the opportunity to have their say in choosing the new Liberal candidate for the riding. They lined the halls of the convention centre and crammed into a ballroom to hear speeches from all eight candidates.

According to Braeden Caley, the Liberal party’s senior director of communications, the nomination meeting was on track to be the largest in Eastern Ontario in 30 years.

Norm Newton has been a Liberal since high school, and was at the nomination meeting when Bélanger was nominated in 1995.

“I expected a lot of people. But this is really impressive,” he said. “I’m glad, because it means people care.”

Ottawa-Vanier is considered one of the safest Liberal ridings in the country. Voters in the Ottawa-Vanier have voted Liberal for riding’s entire 83-year history. Bélanger won about 57 per cent of the vote in 2015.

There were seven other candidates in the running for the nomination: Nicolas Moyer, who is the executive director of Humanitarian Coalition, businesswoman and entrepreneur Ainsley Malhotra, Francis LeBlanc, a former Nova Scotia MP and chief of staff to federal ministers, journalist Véronique Soucy, lawyer Jean Claude Dubuisson, Senate staffer Khatera Akbari, and parliamentary assistant Eric Khaiat.

In their speeches, many of the candidates emphasized the need for economic development in the riding, and support for low-income residents and immigrants. About a third of Ottawa-Vanier residents have French as a mother tongue and 44 per cent have English, but almost a quarter claim a language that is neither French nor English.

Bélanger was diagnosed ALS shortly after the November 2015 federal election. He had been considered a front-runner for the position of Speaker of the House of Commons, but he withdrew his name after receiving the diagnosis.

Last June, Bélanger’s private member’s bill to change the national anthem to make it more gender neutral passed its third reading in the House of Commons. Bill C-210 changed the second line of the anthem from “true patriot love, in all thy sons command” to “in all of us command.”

A date for the byelection has not been set.

Emilie Taman, a law professor at the University of Ottawa was acclaimed as the NDP candidate.

A Conservative candidate has not yet been named.


Joined: 02 Mar 2009
Posts: 8345
Reputation: 279.9
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Location: Ontario

PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:14 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Two candidates vying for CPC nomination in Ottawa-Vanier

Emily Fearon

Monday, February 13th, 2017

The Conservative party has a contested nomination for the upcoming byelection in the historically Liberal-leaning riding of Ottawa-Vanier.

Conservatives Adrian Papara and Joel Bernard are both running for the nomination. The party has sent out its official nomination notice, and the vote will be held on February 16.

Papara said in an email that he has lived in Ottawa-Vanier for three years. He has a master’s degree in business and works as director of operations for Calgary Shepard MP Tom Kmiec.

Papara has also worked with the Ottawa-Vanier Electoral District Association and canvassed for David Piccini, who was the Conservative...


Joined: 02 Mar 2009
Posts: 8345
Reputation: 279.9
votes: 3
Location: Ontario

PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

( conservatives have nominated Adrian Papara , but considering just how liberal this riding is , even a strong showing would be impressive , as no one is realistically expecting it to flip anytime soon )

Conservative says his youth, immigrant background gives him a shot at Ottawa-Vanier

Nathan Caddell

Friday, February 17th, 2017

The newly nominated federal Conservative candidate in Ottawa-Vanier thinks his youth and immigrant status are tools he can use to win a byelection contest in one of the safest Liberal ridings in the country.

Adrian Papara defeated former New Brunswick MLA Joel Bernard Thursday night at Sandy Hill Community Centre. Papara’s victory completes the field that will seek to replace Mauril Belanger, who passed away last August.

Dozens of party members voted, though riding executives declined to release an official count.

Papara, director of operations for Calgary Conservative MP Tom Kmiec, holds an MBA from the Teller School of...


Joined: 02 Mar 2009
Posts: 8345
Reputation: 279.9
votes: 3
Location: Ontario

PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

( kind of a rough translation was actually more French language articles about the cpc nomination that English ones , Ottawa media didn't show up to cover it like they did liberal nomination , but la press wrote an article about it )

Published on 16 February 2017 at 22:25 | Updated February 16, 2017 at 22 h 25

Ottawa-Vanier: Adrian Papara elected conservative candidate at the Assembly of inauguration held in the Center... (Stephen Ranger, law)

Expand on the occasion of the Assembly of inauguration held in the Center Community of Sandy Hill, the members chose Adrian Papara, an economist and current Director of operations for a Conservative MP.

Etienne Ranger, the right Ma press Add to my press Add sharing share email font size print the page of the same price Grandmaître author:

bilingualism steals the show Ottawa-Vanier: Adrian Papara elected conservative candidate over 5 million to researchers at the Ottawa Hospital a public consultation on the expansion of the Château Laurier hiring a unilingual framework: the CfSC does not worry Daniel LeBlanc right after the Liberals who have set their sights on Mona Fortier it There's two weeks, it was the turn Thursday night of the conservative party to choose its candidate for the by-election in the Federal riding of Ottawa-Vanier.

On the occasion of the nomination meeting held in the Center Community of Sandy Hill, the members chose Adrian Papara, an economist and current Director of operations for a Conservative MP. The second candidate in the race was Joël Bernard, former member for Brunswick and former political adviser to former federal Minister Stockwell Day.

The seat is vacant since the death of the Member of Parliament Mauril Bélanger in August after a fight against als. He reigned over the district for 21 years. The riding is liberal for over 80 years. The date of the by-election in Ottawa-Vanier has not yet announced by the Trudeau Government. On the other hand, should take place no later than in the month of


Joined: 02 Mar 2009
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Location: Ontario

PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

( there doesn't appear to have been a single article written by any media outlets about the recent ndp nomination in Ottawa vanier , although there are some from 2015 when Emilie Taman was first nominated , so the by election would be her second try in the riding )

Emilie Taman the NDP pick for Ottawa-Vanier

Elizabeth Payne, Ottawa Citizen
More from Elizabeth Payne, Ottawa Citizen

Published on: August 26, 2015 | Last Updated: August 26, 2015 9:36 AM EST

Ottawa Vanier NDP candidates (clockwise from top left): David Dyment; Prosper M'Bemba-Meka; Angela Rickman; and Emilie Taman.

A federal public prosecutor who was fired for taking unauthorized leave to seek the NDP nomination in Ottawa-Vanier won a tightly contested race Tuesday night before a standing-room-only crowd.

Emilie Taman promised to work with NDP Leader Tom Mulcair to “take back our democracy from those who have eroded our freedoms.”

“What Stephen Harper disparagingly calls judicial activism, I call enforcing our Constitution,” she said.

The daughter of former Supreme Court of Canada justice Louise Arbour, Taman was one of four candidates on the ballot at a nomination meeting held at Vanier’s Knights of Columbus Hall. Her mother was on hand to see her win.

“This is historic, folks,” said Larry Rousseau, regional vice president of the Public Service Alliance of Canada. “I don’t think anyone can remember a nomination meeting that we have packed the hall and raised so much money.”

The NDP riding association will need the money and support in a bid to defeat incumbent Mauril Belanger, who was first elected in 1995 in what has been one of the safest Liberal seats in the country.

NDP officials believe with a strong candidate and high levels of support, it has a good chance in the riding that has voted Liberal since it was created.

“I just want to say how exciting it is to see so many people and to have had so many exceptionally strong candidates,” said Taman. “It says a lot about where we are and where we are going.”

Taman was cheered when she told the crowd: “You know as well as I do there are many things we cannot and shouldn’t accept. For a start, let’s unmuzzle the scientists and the civil service and form public policy based on evidence rather than ideology.”

Taman was making headlines weeks before being nominated to run as a candidate in the riding. The former prosecutor with the Public Prosecution Service of Canada was fired for defying a Public Service Commission decision denying her leave to seek the nomination.

On Tuesday she said she has no regrets about her decision. She has said she plans to fight her dismissal.

The Ottawa-Vanier Liberal riding association is the wealthiest in the country. Belanger won easily in the past two campaigns, but in 2011, the NDP surged to a second-place showing with 29 per cent of the vote, compared to the Liberal 38 per cent of the vote. In the previous election, Belanger won with 46 per cent of the vote.

The three other candidates were David Dyment, president of the Canadian International Council who also teaches at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University; Prosper M’Bemba-Meka, a toxicologist and cancer research specialist; and Angela Rickman, an environmentalist and community activist and volunteer who works with the federal NDP in policy development.

David Piccini, 26, who coaches the University of Ottawa’s men’s soccer team and works for the federal government, is running for the Conservatives.

Nira Dookeran, an English as a second language teacher, is running for the Greens. The Libertarian party’s candidate is Coreen Corcoran.


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PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

( the ndp candidate was also in the news when she was denied leave to run in the last federal election and had to take public service to court )

Appeal court sides with ex public servant denied leave to run for election

Emilie Taman is the NDP's candidate in Ottawa—Vanier again

CBC News Posted: Jan 09, 2017 1:41 PM ET| Last Updated: Jan 09, 2017 1:41 PM ET

Emilie Taman, the NDP's candidate in Ottawa—Vanier, says she's thankful for the support she received during her legal battle with the Public Service Commission.

The Federal Court of Appeal has ruled that the ​Public Service Commission acted unreasonably when it refused to grant former public servant Emilie Taman an unpaid leave of absence to run as a candidate in the 2015 federal election.

In October, the Federal Court ruled that the Public Service Commission used "proportionate balancing" when it denied Taman a leave of absence without pay to seek the federal NDP nomination in Ottawa—Vanier.

She had applied for a judicial review after losing her job when she decided to run against then Liberal incumbent Mauril Bélanger. Bélanger won the election but later died of ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease.

In a judgment delivered in Ottawa last week, Justice J.D. Denis Pelletier allowed the appeal and set aside previous decisions, and awarded costs to Taman.

Pelletier concluded that the Public Service Commission didn't justify its refusal to grant Taman permission to seek elected office, and that the commission "did not distinguish between actual impairment of ... Taman's ability to perform her duties in a politically impartial manner and a perception of impairment of her ability to do so."

"I'm grateful for the support I received from the Association of Justice Counsel who chose to staunchly defend the rights of federal lawyers to fully participate in the democratic process," Taman is quoted saying in a news release issued Monday.

Taman is now a professor of criminal law at the University of Ottawa and is the NDP's candidate in the upcoming federal byelection in the riding of Ottawa—Vanier.


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PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2017 2:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

February 19, 2017 14:46 ET

Federal By-election Underway in Ottawa-Vanier

GATINEAU, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - Feb. 19, 2017) -

•A federal by-election will be held on Monday, April 3, 2017, in the electoral district of Ottawa-Vanier (Ontario) to fill a vacancy in the House of Commons.

•The Elections Canada office in Ottawa-Vanier is open as of today.

•Canadian citizens in Ottawa-Vanier who are at least 18 years old on election day are eligible to vote. To vote in a federal by-election, an elector's home address must be in the electoral district from the first day of revision of the voters lists, Wednesday, March 1, until election day, Monday, April 3.

•Electors need to be registered to vote. Most electors are already registered. To check, electors can visit elections.ca/register or call us at 1-800-463-6868. Unregistered electors can register online, at the Elections Canada office in Ottawa-Vanier, or at the polls just before they vote.

•Electors have many voting options to choose from: they may vote by mail, in person at the Elections Canada office in Ottawa-Vanier, at advance polls or at a polling station on election day.

•To vote, electors must show proof of their identity and address. The list of accepted pieces of identification is available online.

Ready to vote

Elections Canada is an independent body set up by Parliament.

Subscribe to our news service at elections.ca.


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PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2017 3:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

( it makes little sense as to why the other 2 for Calgary weren't called today as well ? its very unusual to have by elections on different days , but maybe they too will be called for april 3 who knows , personally I think it should be up to elections Canada to determine the dates for by elections , too often its used by PM's for there own advantage )

3 hours ago | Vote 0 0

Trudeau sets byelection for Ottawa-Vanier

The Canadian Press, 2017

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has set the date for a byelection in an Ottawa riding left vacant by the death of Mauril Belanger.

The byelection will be held April 3.

Belanger held the long-standing Liberal seat for more than 20 years before his death in August 2016, months after being diagnosed with ALS.

The byelection is the first of five that will happen this year.

Trudeau has until the end of the month to set a byelection date in Calgary Heritage, which was former prime minister Stephen Harper's riding until his retirement last year, and until the end of March to set a byelection date in Calgary Midnapore, which Jason Kenney left to run for the leadership of the Alberta Progressive Conservatives.

By the summer, dates will also have to be set in the Toronto area riding of Markham-Thornhill, which longtime Liberal John MacCallum left to become ambassador to China, and the Montreal riding of Saint-Laurent that Liberal Stephane Dion held for two decades before leaving politics earlier this month to become ambassador to the European Union and Germany.

By The Canadian Press


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PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2017 8:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Feb 19, 2017 | Vote 0 0

Byelection called for Ottawa-Vanier

Voters go to the polls on April 3

Ottawa East News
By Michelle Nash Baker

A byelection has been called for Ottawa-Vanier.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the byelection on Feb. 19 — the final day he had to make the call.

The byelection will be held on April 3.

The Liberal Party of Canada nominated Mona Fortier on Feb. 5 as the Liberal candidate and on Feb. 16 the Ottawa-Vanier Conservation Association nominated Adrian Parara as the Conservation candidate.

Emilie Taman was nominated as the NDP candidate last November.

The seat was vacated when Mauril Belanger died in August after a nearly year-long battle with ALS.

Belanger held the seat for 21 years, first being elected in a byelection in 1995.

Fortier has a bachelor of arts and MBA from the University of Ottawa and has been involved in serving on the Shaw Centre Board of Directors, the Provincial Advisory Committee on Francophone Affairs (Ontario), and the Montfort Hospital Board of Directors.

Parara was born in Romania and raised in British Columbia. He has an MBA from the University of Ottawa and has worked in the past for Conservative members of parliament.

Taman has worked as a Crown prosecutor and is now a law professor at the University of Ottawa. Taman ran as the NDP candidate in the 2015 Federal election.

In the 2015 election, Belanger won with more than 50 per cent of the vote. NDP candidate Taman, 19.25 per cent of the vote and Conservative David Piccini received 19.11 per cent of the vote


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PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2017 8:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

the new mainstreet poll for alberta might explain why trudeau only called 1 by election although he has to legally call Calgary heritage by the end of this week too .

the numbers for alberta look pretty dismal for trudeau , high disapproval and low support for the liberals , although still a bit better than what they got in 2008 or 2011 but would get badly beaten by the cpc in most ridings fairly easily

but Ottawa Vanier remains a fairly likely hold for the liberals so there having it first ? or perhaps the others will be on april 3rd as well

what surprises me as how seemingly nothing was said ? by any of the media about the decision not to call the 2 alberta by elections , its a very bizarre move to only call 1 when 4 other seats are open and 2 have been empty and without an mp since last fall almost 6 months now , he has been denying people from these ridings there democratic right to have a representative in the house of commons

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 22, 2017 10:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

all 5 by elections are now taking place on april 3rd according to news that just broke

David AkinVerified account‏@davidakin · 9m9 minutes ago

PMJT calls by-elections Apr 3 for Saint-Laurent, Markham-Thornill, Calgary Heritage and Calgary Midnapore. #elxn42

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 22, 2017 10:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

( there is much controversy over the liberal nomination in Markham Thornhill after it was revealed trudeau's appointments director wants the liberal nomination )

Potential candidates question fairness of Markham-Thornhill Liberal nomination as Trudeau aide runs

Contrary to some concerns, Liberal spokesman Braeden Caley says the party treats all candidates equally.

Mary Ng, left, appointments director to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Juanita Nathan, a school board trustee, are running for the Liberal nomination in the GTA riding of Markham-Thornhill, vacated by veteran MP and cabinet minister John McCallum. Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti, right, might also run for Liberal nomination in this riding. Photographs courtesy of the candidates


PUBLISHED : Monday, Feb. 20, 2017 12:00 AM

Concerned that a top political aide to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is running for the Liberal nomination in the federal riding of Markham-Thornhill, Ont., some potential candidates are reconsidering their plans and questioning if the contest is going to be a fair fight.

Liberal sources told The Hill Times that potential candidates are hoping to get a firm commitment from the party that the nomination contest will be “truly fair” and that the party will not pull the strings to ensure Prime Minister’s Office appointments director Mary Ng’s success in the contest.

One potential candidate considering a run for nomination described the top PMO aide as a “parachute” candidate who does not live in the riding. Ms. Ng lives in the riding of Eglinton-Lawrence, Ont., currently represented by rookie Liberal MP Marco Mendicino.

Markham-Thornhill became vacant last month when Mr. Trudeau (Papineau, Que.) appointed six-term Liberal MP and former immigration minister John McCallum as Canada’s ambassador to China.

“If the party is behind her and the party machinery is behind her, it’ll be considered as parachuting a candidate,” said a potential Liberal candidate, on the condition of anonymity for fear of retribution from the party. “This party, particularly, shouldn’t be doing that because this party has always shown themselves as very open-minded and fair. They shouldn’t parachute a candidate. Give everybody an opportunity to run.”

Braeden Caley, the federal Liberal Party’s senior director of communications, said the nomination contest is open and no candidate will receive special treatment.

“Very clear rules for the nomination contest in all five anticipated coming byelections have been openly posted and available on the Liberal Party’s website, and the nomination process in Markham-Thornhill will be fully in line with all of those rules,” Mr. Caley told The Hill Times.

He added that a number of “talented” candidates have expressed interest in running for the nomination, but declined to share any names. He said the party has not finalized the date of the nomination contest.

“The party has been approached by a variety of very talented prospective candidates in Markham-Thornhill and we’re working with all of them very closely on the details of the process,” he said.

Ms. Ng. told The Hill Times she’s not receiving special treatment.

“I’m starting at the same point as anyone else, as someone who wants to earn the support of people in Markham-Thornhill,” she said. “It’s a lifelong dream for me to hold public office, and I spent 20 years in public service, and I’m inspired to do this at this particular time. But I’m starting like everyone else at this point.”

Ms. Ng is a close friend of Katie Telford, chief of staff to Prime Minister Trudeau. Ms. Ng and Ms. Telford both worked in former Ontario Education minister Gerard Kennedy’s office more than a decade ago as senior ministerial aides at Queen’s Park.

Mary Ng, director of appointments to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is running for Liberal nomination in Markham-Thornhill. Courtesy of Mary Ng’s Twitter

Ms. Ng, who emigrated from Hong Kong to Canada at a young age, is now on a leave of absence from the PMO. She made her candidacy for Liberal nomination official on Feb. 15.

“Proud and excited to announce my nomination to become the #Liberal Candidate for #Markham-Thornhill. Join me at votemaryng.ca #cdnpoli,” she tweeted that day.

Prior to Ms. Ng’s campaign launch, at least six candidates were testing the waters for the Liberal nomination in the riding, including Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti, school board trustee Juanita Nathan, chartered accountant and former city councillor Khalid Usman, lawyer Scott Au, businesswoman Sofia Ming Sun, and lawyer Bang-Gu Jiang.

Three of these people—Mr. Au, Ms. Jiang, and Ms. Sun—have decided to endorse Ms. Ng’s candidacy. Ontario International Trade Minister Michael Chan (previously considered a potential candidate), Markham Councillor Amanda Collucci, Vaughan Councillor Sandra Racco, and Francis Yuen, executive vice-president of the Markham-Thornhill Liberal Association, have also endorsed Ms. Ng.

Mr. Usman told The Hill Times last week that he had decided not to run for nomination for family reasons, and because it’s the start of the tax season, he’d be busy with his business in the coming months.

Ms. Nathan said she has no concerns about the fairness of the nomination contest and has already been signing up members for two weeks.

“I’m going in with full force. I’m going to go ahead,” she said.

Mayor Scarpitti was not available for comment.

Mr. Au said it’s a “valid point” for potential candidates to think the nomination process might not be fair because of Ms. Ng’s senior PMO position. But he said this was not a factor in his decision not to run and endorse Ms. Ng.

Rather, he said he’s endorsing the top PMO adviser because of Ms. Ng’s qualifications and her 20-year background working in politics, including her work with the Ontario government.

“I’ll argue that this is not about me, this is about the party,” Mr. Au said. “We want to have the best candidate for the job, and I feel that Mary is that [candidate], not because of her relationship with the prime minister, but because of her personal qualities.”

The appointments director is one of the most senior positions in the PMO. This person manages the process and advises the prime minister on all governor-in-council appointments, which are about 3,500 in number. These positions include about 1,000 federally appointed judges, 100 ambassadors and high commissioners, 500 full-time and 1,900 part-time appointees “in a wide array of agencies, boards, commissions, Crown corporations and government departments,” according to the Privy Council Office website.

Senate appointments also fall under governor-in-council appointments, and Mr. Trudeau chooses new Senators on the non-binding recommendations of the Independent Senate advisory board.

Before advising the prime minister to fill specific positions, the PCO website says, the appointments director works closely with cabinet ministers and agency heads “to ensure that appointments take into account Canada’s diversity and meet the needs of the organization to which they are being made.”

Ms. Ng told The Hill Times: “As director of appointments, it was my responsibility to ensure that public appointments are made in a meritorious, open, transparent way, and to ensure that our public appointments are diverse and will achieve gender parity.”

In a press release on the day of her campaign launch, she said she’s the highest ranking Chinese-Canadian to have ever served in the PMO, and she recently accompanied and advised Mr. Trudeau on a trip to China.

Markham-Thornhill, a riding reconfigured prior to the last federal election, is one of the most multicultural ridings in the country with an 82 per cent visible-minority population. The two highest visible-minority groups in this riding are Chinese with 35.2 per cent of the population and South Asians with 30.8 per cent. This riding has the third highest visible minority population in the country after Scarborough North, Ont., which has 90.1 per cent, and Brampton East, Ont., with 87.6 per cent, according to data compiled by multiculturalism author and commentator Andrew Griffith.

Mr. McCallum won the riding in the last election with 55.7 per cent of the vote. Second-place Conservative candidate Jobson Easow won 32.3 per cent, and third-place NDP candidate Senthi Chelliah received 10.7 per cent.

There are 33 ridings in Canada with a visible-minority populations of more than 50 per cent, most of them in the Toronto or Vancouver areas. Of these, there are three ridings where this proportion is more than 80 per cent, all of which are in the Greater Toronto Area.

Besides Markham-Thornhill, four other ridings are vacant, including Ottawa-Vanier, Ont.; Calgary Heritage, Alta., Calgary Midnapore, Alta; and Saint-Laurent, Que. As of deadline last week, Mr. Trudeau had not called a byelection for any of these ridings


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( no word on possible cpc candidates in the 2 liberal ridings , but candidates have already been nominated in 2 Calgary ridings )

Conservatives in Calgary-Heritage choose candidate to replace Stephen Harper

Canadian Press
More from Canadian Press

Published on: October 23, 2016 | Last Updated: October 23, 2016 3:30 PM MST

Bob Benzen won the Conservative nomination in Stephen Harper's former riding of Calgary-Heritage. (@BobBenzen)

CALGARY — Conservatives in Stephen Harper’s former constituency in Calgary have chosen a new candidate to represent their party.

Businessman Bob Benzen beat out two other candidates to win the nomination for Calgary-Heritage on Saturday.

The riding is currently unrepresented following Harper’s resignation in August.

A byelection has not yet been called.

Benzen paid tribute to Harper in a speech after his second-ballot win was announced, and credited the former prime minister for creating the Conservative party as it exists today.

He called it an honour to succeed Harper as the riding’s candidate.

“His whole decade of excellence was incredible and I’d really like to thank him for his 10 years of excellence as prime minister and all the years he was an MP for us,” Benzen told party members after voting took place at Henry Wise Wood High School.

Three “Re-Elect Stephen Harper” campaign signs served as part of the backdrop as he spoke.

Benzen helped spearhead a campaign of print advertisements and billboards that thanked Harper following the Conservatives’ general election loss in October 2015.

In that election, Harper won the riding with more than twice as many votes as his closest rival, Liberal Brendan Miles.

Benzen ended his speech with criticism of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, saying Trudeau isn’t creating jobs, isn’t getting pipelines built and that Calgary buildings are sitting empty.

“We’re going to send him a message that he’s not doing a good job,” he said.

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