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PostPosted: Wed Dec 21, 2016 10:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

RCO wrote:
Toronto Centre wrote:
cosmostein wrote:

Had she campaigned in Wisconsin rather than Georgia,
and spent more time in Michigan than Arkansas maybe.

Her campaign team seemingly got too preoccupied with a historic victory they forgot about the States they needed to hold in order to win.

No question.

Arrogance or whatever one wants to call it , they sure goofed on where to go.

Michigan, I dont think she even went there once.

I don't know if she actually campaigned in Georgia , she had been to Michigan and Obama there late in the campaign as well

she did campaign a lot in Arizona which almost always votes republican so an odd place to campaign in ,although has a lot of hispanic voters and that might of been why she thought it might flip

it was Wisconsin that she never even set foot in , for some reason they never picked up on that state being closer and in play for trump , although on the real clear politics site that tracked polls , there hadn't been any polls all election that had trump ahead there , so the win surprised many

The only reason that Georgia sprang to mind was because I recalled a back and forth on one of the news networks where Trump was refereed to as delusional because he was campaigning in Wayne County yet the Clinton Campaign was deemed ambitious and unifying because they felt Georgia was in play in the very same segment.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 21, 2016 1:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

What kind of crowds could she draw? Piddling, a few hundred. Experience has shown is that the more people see Hillary, the more they are turned off. She's boring, she's predictable, and she doesn't say anything.

Can't you just see her having a big rally in Detroit, trying to yuck people out because Trump likes women and buys himself the best? More likely the crowd would leave saying: "That Donald J Trump, he da man!"

It was just that she's a terrible candidate that the masses don't like, it was also that her stage performance was nothing but shitting on her opponent.

She just pretended she didn't have a problem with the law. How many other candidates do you know that ran for the most powerful office on earth, and were undergoing a FBI investigation at the same time? And what did that demonstrate except that the system had even corrupted the FBI?

This was a huge election. When the papers were telling you that the Republicans were splitting, they were actually on their way to winning not only the Presidency, but also the Senate and the House. Not even Reagan had that! The Democrats are the party that is in disarray, trying to find someone to blame -- the Russians, James Comey, whoever. The Bernie people are convinced that he would have won -- and he might have. It's a war zone, and the worst part of it is the party is going to fall into the hands of the Bernie, Elizabeth Warren wing. They hope to win by stirring racial strife, and deligitimizing the Trump win.

The sad part of it is that it may work.

While Daddy Warbucks muses on the oval office, and impresses people generally with the quality of the people he is recruiting for his cabinet, and feel comforted.

I doubt if Hillary was ever going to win. People abandoned Trump several times, when the polls showed him losing 5-10% of his support over stupid statements about the Mexican judge, or the Khans, for example. But they came back to him because Hillary was so indigestible. That didn't happen because Trump is such a great guy. It happened because the witch is so repulsive.
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The Trump Cabinet , who will be in it ?

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