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Edmund Onward James

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PostPosted: Thu May 12, 2011 3:22 pm    Post subject: Is Geert Wilders right about Islam? Reply with quote

"So the courts are being asked to do what the politicians won’t. This is the wrong way round. For reasons both of free speech principle and political prudence, Mr. Wilders should not be on trial for what he says about Islam. Instead, mainstream democratic politicians, and other opinion-leaders, should be more brave and outspoken in combatting his inflammatory rhetoric." Timothy Garton Ash

I agree with Professor Timothy Garton Ash about Free Speech. However, the Koran ( a doctrine of the sword) is considered by authorities to be filled with hate, which encourages hate-crime against the Jews and Infidels. A complex issue?

What if Geert Wilders is right about Islam and the Koran and not xenophobic. Muslims are welcome he stated, but not Islam. Astute Muslims such as Professor Salim Mansur strongly suggest that the Koran needs serious reform before it the ideology is impregnated in the youth. Perhaps the approximate 1.5 billion present day Muslims and their ancestors have been misguided.

"It seems to me that we liberals – that is, those who give the highest priority to individual liberty – should have the courage of our convictions, especially when they lead us to uncomfortable places. So Mr. Wilders should be free to call the Koran fascist, Mr. von der Dunk should be free to compare Mr. Wilders to the Nazis – and politicians should stop hiding behind the robes of judges. Instead, they must get out there and fight the good fight themselves."

Professor Ash goes on to say, in his higher-than-thou Liberal attitude that Wilders is of the right and wrong, but with the grace of the left should be allowed to speak up. I wonder what he thinks about the Muslim countries that mistreat women, gays, Christians, even Liberal atheists? Nonetheless, he defends Geert Wilders opinions generally based on facts.

Leave speech to the court of public opinion

Interesting comments follow.
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Is Geert Wilders right about Islam?

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