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Edmund Onward James

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 21, 2011 2:48 pm    Post subject: Conservatives are Decent People. Reply with quote

Conservatives tend to conserve traditions; especially if they make sense.

I wonder what youth hear from parents, teachers and friends, or do they get most of their input from the Internet? Also I wonder what immigrants hear about conservatives? Do they hear true definitions and efforts?

On a political forum a new member asked what is the present meaning and core of the Conservative Party. I suggested to check www.conservative.ca of course, there are factions with different core beliefs, and there have been changes over the years.

In the Oxford Canadian Dictionary:

CONSERVATIVE: 1. a. - averse to rapid change b. (of taste etc.) moderate, avoiding extremes 2. (of an estimate etc.) purposely low; moderate, cautious 3. a. - of a Conservative Party b. - espousing the tenets of political conservatism 4. tending to conserve

CONSERVATISM: 1. any of several political philosophies, esp. one opposing radical reform, placing value in established institutions, and subjugating individual freedom to order, rank, security, and the good of the community, or one promoting individualism and non-intervention by the state 2. opposition to change

I agree with most of the definitions except for "subjugating individual freedom to order, rank…" Subjugate means to conquer, to dominate. I would prefer follow the Rule of Law, be orderly in society. And I disagree with "opposition to change".

Over the years, many people I have met, who believe in Conservatism, are not opposed to change at all, far from it. They are opposed to ridiculous change — for the sake of change, because one is bored or too young to know through experience. But it’s understandable, because when I was young I wanted to grow up fast so I could drive a car, have a beer in a bar, make lots of money and so on. Now I think my goodness time flies.

I have yet to meet a bad conservative in my surroundings. But I am fairly sure motorcycle gangs, drug lords, druggies, street thugs, and your basic criminals are not conservative. Maybe a few white collar people like some on Wall Street and Bay Street are questionable, and a few end up in country club penitentiaries. That’s why they steel big rather than hold up a bank teller.

The point being is that the majority of Canadians are conservative, fiscally and socially, particularly if they are married and have children. Singles tend to be libertarian or libertine. Generally people want to teach kids to be reasonable, law abiding, studious, caring about others, animals and nature, too.

Moreover, there’s a word and event that conservatives try to avoid “disaster” if possible, specifically man-made disasters. Hence most engineers and scientists, around the world, are conservative in nature, I bet, to prevent serious human calamities. The climate change scientists and academia (theorists who say it might work in reality but does it work in theory) are a different breed, mostly extremists with a weird form of pessimism. They look for future disasters. Even make them up. Some work in Hollywood after they fail in their precious occupations or can make more money: David Suzuki of CBC is an example.

Most farmers and agriculturalists are conservative in nature also — they desire to conserve . But they are not what the city slickers once thought, and some still think about them, that farmers are limited and they are more sophisticated.

From what I see and gather farmers etc. are educated or well-informed if they wish to survive. Hard-working decent people. Of course, no one is perfect, we all have idiosyncrasies.

By and large Conservatives appreciate change for the better.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is a fine example of a decent person, an endearing family man with a profound love of his country, and desires to conserve the good things of Canada.
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Conservatives are Decent People.

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