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Edmund Onward James

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 15, 2011 10:00 am    Post subject: Humanitarians versus Economists – For example Ignatieff & Reply with quote

I subscribe to the free Imprimis, a publication of Hillsdale College in America and read the essays and adapted speeches by accomplished and renowned conservatives. The following is a powerful and historically informative pamphlet speech adaptation by William McGurn (VP News Corporation and columnist for Wall Street Journal) about was once considered by some “The Dismal Science” – Economy.

The old term “dismal science” by Thomas Carlyle (1795 – 1881: Scottish satirical writer, essayist, philosopher, historian and teacher) turned out to be: humanitarians and artists against economists and Christians.

“…when it comes to seeing the potential in even the most desperate citizens of this earth our economists, business leaders, and champions of a commercial republic are often far ahead of our progressives, artists, and humanitarians.” William McGurn

The Not So Dismal Science: Humanitarians v. Economists - William McGurn

The topic made me think of the three candidates for Prime Minister of Canada. Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, National Democratic Party leader Jack Layton come across as humanitarians, for the people, not all, because they are not fond of business persons, wealthy entrepreneurs, military, police and even crime victims. Prime Minister has an economics background “the dismal science” and seems to try to be fair and include everybody in a prosperous country. The Conservative government helps out other countries in more ways than one, even when the UN Security Council dropped them for a country more like them. Ridiculous. Canadian soldiers are there when required as either peacekeepers or in actual battles like Afghanistan and Libya for freedom, liberty, and hopefully democracy.

Here is an example of what humanitarian Liberal Ignatieff thinks of the Canadian army and how much he respects the UN. Evidently he was quite adamant that the Securtiy Council should call the shots about troops abroad. “The Canadian army must never be used outside the country without the authorization of the UN.” Then he changed his mind and added that there are exceptions. But it seems Mr. Ignatieff would rather have the UN dictate Canada’s foreign affairs especially the military. A humanitarian gesture?

Surrending the troops - Brian Lilley
Limiting military action to UN’s whim would be truly worrisome

Following are some quotes from the link: The Not So Dismal Science: Humanitarians v. Economists - William McGurn

“…our economists have proved themselves more gracious hosts than our humanitarians; that a businessman who travels to a poor country and envisions a thriving factory has a more realistic assessment of human possibility than the UN aid worker who believes the answer is reducing the birth rate; and that the champions of liberty tend to do better than the champions of humanity do by either.”

“One does not have to be an economist to recognize that societies that open their markets are better fed, better housed, and offer better opportunities for upward mobility than societies that remain closed and bureaucratic. Nor does one have to be a religious believer to recognize that the source of all man’s wealth has been just this: that he does not take the world as given, but uses his mind to find new and creative ways to take from the earth and add to its bounty.”

William McGurn stated that Winston Churchill's speech to the Free Trade League in 1904 is worth reading for a reminder of the confidence in human potential that helped inject his conservatism with vigor and confidence.

The Free Trade League - Winston Churchill (February 19, 1904. Free Trade Hall, Manchester)
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Humanitarians versus Economists – For example Ignatieff &

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