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PostPosted: Fri Sep 10, 2010 2:00 pm    Post subject: security breaches in police/trafficking and te rrorism Reply with quote

I am concerned about Vic Toews recent requests to the public to "continue" to report signs of terrorist and/or criminal activity. I want him to understand the response those of us who do/have report(ed) human trafficking and terrorist activity get from police. To begin with, for those of us whom police brush off maybe because they are municipal and therefore, to whom I must report such information, and don't believe there is or can be such activity locally or for some other reason, the hotline at 1-800-420-5805 is always voice mail, so one must trust there is no breach of security when leaving your personal information for a call back. When I reported human trafficking to municipal police, and by human trafficking what I mean is a public health needle exchange nurse told me no records whatsoever were being kept for some of the youth her service provided resources to. CAS kept no record, ODSP and/or OW kept no record, CPP kept no record, and so on. At the same time, the coordinator of the local Neighborhood Watch told me her husband and some other NW members went out at night with baseball bats to keep the youth in line. Also, police told me they could do nothing to help the youth kept in a burnt-out building, because if asked, they say they like being a sex trade product. Well, I guess they are going to say that, because they've been told to, and because they realize that when police do nothing to help, they will be beaten maybe to death with a NW baseball bat. Also, the city councillor for that neighborhood threatened to get police after me for an article I wrote to the editor about the local crime not being the brain child of local youth but of organized crime. So, ... And when I alerted the PM's office, as well as the Premier's office about signs of terrorist cell activity, by fax, I was accosted on the street by local thugs who knew about my fax. Then I was thrown in jail and put in a cell with a woman who called herself "a mole" and told me I could be charged with treason for reporting threats to the USA, since it was likely attacks on the US at the border that were being discussed, especially as action was taken. I have run out of time, but I want Vic Toews to understand the risk to Canadians when the Canadian chiefs of police oppose the Conservative government, how can we get "tough on crime" when our police organizations have been infiltrated by criminal interests with power to fire them?
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security breaches in police/trafficking and te rrorism

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