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PostPosted: Wed Sep 06, 2017 12:52 pm    Post subject: Conservatives planning substantive Reply with quote

This is what depresses me about Andrew Scheer ...

Andrew Scheer set to rally troops in Winnipeg, plot strategy for fall
By Stephanie Levitz — Sep 6 2017

OTTAWA — A selfie with a camel. Snapshots of cherub-cheeked children looking on in awe at some summertime marvel. Photo captions paying tribute to the support of his spouse.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's summer on social media? Nope: think Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer instead.

Make no mistake, the Conservatives are hoping to beat Trudeau come the 2019 election, and if there's one thing they're conceding it's that doing so requires being a little more like him.

To a point, anyway.

"I'm not going to try and get even flashier socks that he has to make an impression on social media," Scheer joked in an interview.

But what Scheer is aiming for when Parliament resumes in a couple weeks is to lay the groundwork to convince Canadians that he can provide an alternative.

"I think at the end of the day if voters don't see the substance and the merit of the policies you're advocating, it won't matter what you do on social media," he said.

Scheer's spent the summer crossing the country as an introductory tour following his squeaker of a victory in the party's leadership race last May.

It was a way to gather fodder for the Conservative strategy machine that gears up in earnest in Winnipeg on Wednesday with a multi-day meeting of Conservative members of Parliament, senators and staff.

The summer has provided no shortage of ingredients for Tories to chew on.

A $10-million payout to Omar Khadr, the Canadian accused of killing a U.S. soldier and wounding another in a firefight in Afghanistan, but whose rights were found to be violated by Canada's top courts, leading to the settlement.

A surge of asylum seekers overwhelming resources at the Canada-U.S. border raising fears about the integrity of the Canadian immigration system.

Then there was there was a decision by the Liberal finance minister to launch consultations on tax changes aimed at closing loopholes used by a growing number of small businesses, which the Liberals say create an unfair playing field. [....]

Does this seem like Scheer's trying to out-Trudeau Trudeau?

Selfies is not how you use social media. Rebel Media is how ... maybe twitter. You troll them, setting them off on spasms of hypocrisy and faux outrage. You refute their spin. You offer a counter narrative to the dominant one. You mock their selfies, you don't emulate them. And you go for views, repetition of themes.

But you don't say Ï'll be even more weightless and cuddly than Justin-poo.

OK, he also talks about substance ... let's see some of it. Where are we going to get the seats Conservatives need to take over government? What are the proposals?

Joined: 16 Dec 2009
Posts: 5994
Reputation: 289.8
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 06, 2017 1:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is a better way to explain some of the things I am concerned about in Conservative Party politics.

This meeting, which the media is describing as "rallying the troops'' is a blab-fest between people who see each other all the time in Ottawa (for the most part). This is not the general membership meeting. This is a meeting of the party insiders. I don't object to such meetings, let me be clear. They're necessary.

It's the degree that it seems detached from everyday life.

This paragraph, about the NDP leadership race, illustrates the point.

Angus is working to return the NDP to the days of Jack Layton, when members had a stake in decisions and felt valued, before the days when they were impersonally hit up for cash and told what the party’s message was.

The party under Tom Mulcair had become rigid, hidebound, overly bureaucratic and afraid to take risks or make mistakes. It was the antithesis of bold. The Orange wave became the beige puddle.

I think that's what's happened to the populist part of the Conservative movement. The party, most particularly Scheer, doesn't seem to have any real political 'feel' for the public. Do these people think that what Mainstreet Canada wants is more feminism?

I know, I know, he thinks he's taking feminism out of the picture, neutralizing it, because we're all going to be feminists now. But people don't give a ____ about that. They think this gender stuff used to make sense, but it is kind of crazy, but they don't know what to do about it. They ignore it in their own lives as much as they can.

What Scheer ought to be doing is lining up at the Tim Hortons in Orangeville, while he's still a nobody ... and other such places. Maybe to apartment searching for his kids in Toronto. He ought to watch a few Jordan Peterson videos, and the like. He ought to get from work to the day-care before 5.30 ... they need an appreciation of how ordinary life works.

This group has little feel for the nanny-less world most Canadians live in.

If you want the female vote, outbid the LIberals on the baby-bonus cheque. That's how the Liberals did it.

These guys will approach politics like it's a problem in marketing. You watch and see. That's why he was so lame about the Omar Khadr award. He doesn't experience things like an ordinary Canadian does. He doesn't anticipate how the veteran that lost a leg would feel. He doesn't have those instincts, however you account for it.

Can you imagine what Diefenbaker would have done with the Omar Khadr settlement?

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 12:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Bugs wrote:

What Scheer ought to be doing is lining up at the Tim Hortons in Orangeville, while he's still a nobody ...

I like the sentiment behind that and I agree with it.
Rural and Suburban Ontario is going to decided the fate of the next government.

While Scheer is effectively saying nothing while being everywhere, he keeps talking forming government, which is fine and dandy except at present I don't even see a strategy of reducing the Liberals to a minority government let alone the Tories forming one.

Oakville, Markham, Pickering and beyond.
That line around Toronto requires you to win the majority seats behind it to even consider forming government.

Scheer needs to spend the time with the voters who didn't come to the polls in 2015 or the ones who had voted for Stephen Harper in 2006 onward and didn't in 2015.
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Conservatives planning substantive

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