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PostPosted: Thu Apr 27, 2017 11:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Bugs wrote:
This will be one of the straws in the wind during the election campaign. The verdict won't be in, as far as the results go, and the first batch of people on the program will likely be selected and be the most likely to use their time productively. There is probably a sub-set of single mothers, for example, who could use the money to support themselves while they get some training in an area where there are job quotas favouring women, particulaly single mothers. (You may not like me saying that, but that's what the labour market is like these days -- it matters a lot what 'demographic' you're in, and you'd better not be a white male.)

But what history shows is that free money encourages laziness. You might think that someone on welfare would use their extra time to find a way of eating that substituted some of their labour for more elaborate cooking, from 'scratch' as they used to say. But welfare people guts up on things that the professional classes wouldn't allow in the house. If they want to turn a dollar, it's a lot better to do so in a way that doesn't have to be reported. Selling sex or drugs is one attractive avenue, but there are other things that don't pay as well, but which can produce income. Short term black market work.

The problem is the work ethic evaporates. Not with everybody, but with lots.

That's the pattern. And that's why it can't work on a broad scale. Imho. But there is a second reason that it can't work. It's the the increased costs of such a plan would be job-killers. More and more people would be at the window, getting enrolled in the plan, and they all would qualify. That would mean, in the end, a vicious cycle of welfare and job-losses, and it would feed itself.

But it can work for a party going into an election. It's like a flash of thigh and a wink, promising greater 'benefits' later.

It's Patrick Brown's job to rally the opposition against it. Or do politicians do that anymore? Perhaps they prefer to run a TV ad saying we'll do the same thing, only better.

the fact the Ontario liberals are even willing to consider such an expensive program shows just how bad things have become at queen's park since the pc's were defeated in 2003 . its really a total disaster that no one saw coming back in the early 2000's . the Ontario liberals were mostly seen as a joke back then and not a real threat to govern yet alone become a political dynasty .

I think its clear wynne is one of those leaders who will do literally anything to hold there position of power . no amount of money spent is too great and no program is too outrageous .

just don't really see the need for this program , as the one article mentions . youth are already eligible for student assistance if they want to return to school . there is no need to provide them with large amounts of cash . and a less expensive option to provide low income people with more money would be to simply raise the minimum wage even higher . it wouldn't cost the province $billions of dollars in tax dollars although wouldn't likely provide much benefit to the overall economy

and even if there removed from power in 2018 , this financial nightmare they have created for Ontario will last for some time . the massive debt isn't going away anytime soon
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Ontario to launch a guaranteed minimun income pilot project

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