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PostPosted: Sat Oct 08, 2016 12:11 pm    Post subject: Surveillance in the modern world ... Reply with quote

This video is about a jerk in Toronto who had been identified as the person who threw a beer can at Hyun Soo Kim in the series with Texas Rangers.


I don't want to discuss the incident itself. I want to discuss the apparatus that allows them to identify the perp in a crowd.

I haven't been to the old Skydome this year, but last year they had some electronic 'reader' process your ticket, while an usher looks you over for things that offend their code. I went with my son, who was carrying a motorcycle helmet. Not allowed. They checked it for him. You don't have a choice, it isn't a service, it's a requirement. They make it as easy as possible under the circumstances. Like at an airport.

But you were probably being photographed, matched up with ticket information, where it was sold, who you were with, and a seat number. A little dossier, enough to start an investigation, on every fan that goes into the old Skydome.

It seems that the crowd is being photographed for the whole duration of the game. They can locate the source of any disturbance to a small area of the stadium, probably by simply playing it back in reverse. They have their dossiers, all they need.

The stadium's data, if there's a picture, could be plugged into facial recognition software, and 'red flag' particular people, perhaps people on a 'suspects list'.

All this leads to more security for the fans. I accept that, and it's 100% legitimate.

My thinking goes down a different route. It's that these little patches of extreme surveillance are being quietly installed in lots of less obvious commercial places, and on streets. They had an address for the Boston Marathon bombers within 24-36 hours, I think based on a photo ID. That's what exists already, never mind what exists in places where there is or has been a terrorist threat, like London, England.

It's a strange new world we're entering. Perhaps it says more about me than society, but I worry that it is only a matter of time before it comes out from the shadows, and we really are living under the 24 hour a day supervision of Big Brother.

Any thoughts?
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Surveillance in the modern world ...

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