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Toronto Centre

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 29, 2015 4:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Bugs wrote:

They obviously wanted to publish the material and lowered their already low journalistic standards to publish it when they did. But they would have had no vulnerability whatever had they had been able to simply quote a police document. Why wouldn't they do that, if those documents are public?

You obviously aren't going to answer this question because you are misrepresenting things, but it still seems a pretty sensible question to me.

Not even sure what it is you are referring too since there is so much we have posted. If you want to know, ask a direct question and I will answer it.

The Chretien case isn't a similar case, after all, because protecting the Liberal Party is part of the Star's mission statement, isn't it?

The Chretien case is not only similar insofar as it being a private family matter but all the other papers treated it the same way so your 'mission statement ' is woefully misplaced and renders your point moot. Had none of them published a thing about Chretiens son you'd have a point. But we know they did , so you don't.

Nor was it so important, in the sense that no election hung on this info.

Which is why I opined that the Star did the city a disservice in not publishing the commonly known issues with the Familia Ford .
I thought, frankly, that the Chretien family's response to their kid's problems was one that I had a lot of sympathy with, and I'm sure I'm not alone. Tough love is hard.

Agreed 100%

I'll can't respond to your long list of anti-Fordisms, because I think you're making it up. Scuttlebut from around city hall is just rumours.

If , as you claim , you are a news junkie then all I can assume is you are either BS'ing us or your news research is extremely limited.
And since it would appear you are be ing obtuse about things, I will make it easy on ya...
"Fuerst also ordered Stirpe to complete a manslaughter prison term for the 1998 shotgun slaying of the boyfriend of Ford’s sister, Kathy."
"In 1998, he fatally shot the boyfriend of Kathy Ford, the mother of Stirpe’s daughter. "

"This investigative report reveals that:
•Doug Ford, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s brother, sold hashish for several years in the 1980s.
•Another brother, Randy, was also involved in the drug trade and was once charged in relation to a drug-related kidnapping.
•Their sister, Kathy, has been the victim of drug-related gun violence.

In the 1980s, anyone wanting to buy hashish had to know where to go. And in central Etobicoke, the wealthy Toronto suburb where Mayor Rob Ford grew up, one of those places was James Gardens. In the evening, the sports cars often wound along Edenbridge Drive, past the gated homes and the lawn-bowling pitches, until they reached the U-shaped parking lot. By nightfall, the public park was a hash drive-thru. One former street dealer, whom we will call “Justin,” described the scene as “an assembly line.”

That was the neighbourhood I grew up in. And yes, this report is spot on.
Did you know Doug was going to sue? But he didn't, and a smart guess from most lawyers was to let it go and not force the Globe to prove this in court. Doug knew he would be losing this case.

Shall I go on or does this sufficiently show the lovely background of the people you admire?

As for the correction on the police press releases, I doubt that they released such information as you say, because there's no doubt that that both the Star and the Sun would have headlined it. Who's zooming who? I was using your terminology, and querying it. You were representing press releases as police reports, not I.

I was quite surprised you had no idea that police release press alerts all day long on matters they deal with.

Hell, they even do it in the little burgs where I believe you live

As for corrections, that was addressed some time ago.

You say all these things were well known, well, I never knew about the murderers, etc. until this very post, and I am a news junkie.

Not much of a junkie to have [i]missed everything
about the Fords huh?

As far as I am concerned, the people still made the best choice they could,

Ok, you have your opinion.

As for 'good ideas about transit', what makes you think you know a good transit idea from a bad one?

I do have opinions on many things, including transit. Since I have lived in this city for almost my entire life and have witnessed so much of its growth, can I not have an opinion?
I am also the son of a man who engineered so much of Southern Ontario's bridges highways and infrastructure I gleaned plenty of knowledge about transit from him. You have , no doubt, travelled on the highways he engineered, crossed the bridges he engineered. If you've ever travelled in Iran, Australia, Fiji,Turkey, New Guinea,Sudbury ,anywhere down east in Canada....

Have you ever ridden on the monorail out to the Scarboro town center? It's a terrible transit system.

Sure have, not a good part of trnsit that's for sure. But it is one piece . No throwing bathwater out w baby .
Or look how they took dedicated lanes out of Queens Quay and St Clair ... had the local merchants roused for months, on that one.

Time will tell if St Clair works or not.
They ruined Queens Quay as a road capable of taking traffic out of the city core.

Er....no. You haven't looked at a map have you? No one , save for the denizens of 1Yonge St and a few other buildings, leaves the DT via Queens Quay. One, its very short, it dumps out at Bathurst in the west and Parliament in the east. Top that off with no commercial office towers south of the Gardiner and you are left with virtually no one taking traffic out of the city. Hell , that road itself doesn't take traffic anywhere save for a few blocks.

The only 'good idea' the TTC has had lately is to jack up fares to $5 in easy stages to draw the teeth out of protest. They care about getting the people from Mississauga and Pickering to the downtown, not about all the the old ladies who needs a bus to the mall, so they can do their shopping.

Good ideas would have been to keep public transit cheap and good, by keeping fares low, and service good. Transportation is a highly price-sensitive service. Sticking with diesel buses, twining the subway, having swipe card admissions, and charging by distance travelled and time of day. Also, splitting Wheel-trans off from the TTC, and making it a separate entity subsidized by city council would be a good idea. Public transit ought to be cheap, particularly in the non-peak hours.

Transit would be cheap, much better , and move this city better if funding was on par with what every other major city transit gets. But the TTC have been woefully funded for decades.
Toronto has the lowest funding of any major city in North America.

the subsidy the TTC receives remains the lowest in North America at just $0.78 per ride.

The subsidy other municipalities get:
•Montreal – $1.16
•Vancouver – $1.62
•Chicago – $1.68
•New York City – $1.03
•Mississauga – $2.21
•York Region – $4.49


As it is, no wonder Uber can pop up and grow so fast. And wouldn't you know it, all the 'progressives' are down on Uber.

Um...you do know that the TTC has almost nothing to do with Uber, and in fact the TTC has nothing to do with Uber's growth.
If that were in fact true (and it isn't) then the TTC has been after the Taxi industry in the past? (they haven't) And Uber didn't pop up anywhere . It started in 2009 in San Fran and went big soon after.

Stamping out good ideas is what the TTC is all about.

Care to name some...any...any at all ? So far youre batting .000

Not that you'd care about the huge population of older, semi-disabled people who live in the inner city, and who are dependent on public transit.

Ahhh.....is this the appeal to emotion angle that people of little knowledge use in debates they are struggling with ? <--See Transit above. (see that? I can be a bitter weiner too !)


By the way, I am not 'buddies' with any of the Fords. I am just do not believe the list of all your still unsubstantiated charges, going way beyond drug addiction, into murder and the like. Not only is it guilt by association, but you don't even sustantiate your charges.

Youre welcome to review the links up above. But being a self described news junkie you would have known most of this info as being correct.

If not, you sure as hell do now !

You say there were police press releases on that -- well, give me the link. Prove me wrong, if you can, but don't just list off every scummy bit of slander that comes to your festering mind. And to establish your point, you have to give some evidence that such stuff was 'widely known'.

Done and done. Glad to have educated you....the news junkie.

But this is especially rich .." list off every scummy bit of slander that comes to your festering mind. "

I always chuckle when one is hoisted by his own petard .


As for the courts ... and the innovations they have brought to get more convictions on sexual harassment ... how can you claim to know anything whatever of the law when you don't know what I am talking about? Does the term 'reverse onus' mean anything to you? Does the distinction between evidence and hearsay something you know about?

I hope you are referring to the change in Swedish law vis a vis what constitutes a sexual assault? If so the link provided answered the question as to why the increase in numbers of assaults.

As for your claims about income, according to Stats Can, only 207,000 Canadians, out of almost 25,000,000 make over $250,000 ( in 2013). That would be about 8 out a thousand.

Ok. Nothing wrong about that.

Obviously, if this is distributed normally, there would be a lot fewer making $400,000, perhaps one or two out of a thousand. But this is family income. Very likely a lot of those incomes would come from two spouses. And there would be even fewer who make that sum, year after year, with annual increases and full dental -- in other words, on salaries.

Why did you link to " Individuals by total income level, by province and territory "

You say they're all over the place ... I don't see them, but then I don't work in the public sector.

Neither do I . ergo why I see them. Very few in the civil make that much money.
Private sector? Oh, lots and lots.

Or maybe you're just full of shit. A link showing me the basis of your claim could settle that.

Riiiiight....you want me to ask and post somebodies Tax return or T4 slip. Ya...don't think thatll go well.

Of course, in my circles, people don't normally tell you what they make. Yours are obviously more crass.
Nope, no one around me brags about the salary they make. But some of that is public record available on the internet. Some of it comes from discussions.

I don't think it is hard to understand that my cottage , in Muskoka no less, is the summer home to plenty of very well to do, some quite rich, and some just well paid folks.
Some of the group that I hang with are everyday workers, a few work in factories and the like. Some own or owned businesses , some are already retired and not even 60 yet. So in a group of about 20 of us, I know of four who make more than $400G's.

And the diversity comes from all of us having summer homes and hanging as kids do in the summertime. We are at the end of the day still friends regardless the occupation.

Crass? Not in the slightest.
Toronto Centre

Joined: 12 Feb 2011
Posts: 1463
Reputation: 128.7
votes: 4
Location: Toronto

PostPosted: Thu Jan 07, 2016 1:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I see today how our former Mayor now claims he doesn't know what he smoked in the videos.Joe Warmington is almost the worst reporter in the country. Good thing Heather Mallick is still alive or he would be in first.

Wow...I got an idea, ask your Sister Kathy or any of the other POS you have (had) hanging around you.

But don't worry, I still laugh at your stupidity. Well done and thanks for the laugh

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