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PostPosted: Wed Jul 17, 2013 8:33 pm    Post subject: Rachel Jeantel's Version Reply with quote

It's an amazing thing, but the stone-faced, severely coiffed tribal woman that appeared in the courthouse as the lead prosecution witness in the Zimmerman trial ... who spoke so softly she couldn't be heard ... the words came slowly, and sweetly ... but through curled lips, and whose head tilted with silent contempt ... yeah, her ... well, she's become the unofficial spokesperson for what happened.

And you can see why.

Everybody else is trying to make hay out of this trial. There seems to be a lot of expectation that there will be riots, but others who want to start fighting the 2014 election starting right now. Not since OJ has America been so divided.

But not Rachel Jeantel. She just tells us what she thinks happened, in a very relaxed way. Her hair is down. She is relaxed, and shows no attitude.

This is all being covered by the Huffington Post. Rachel Jeantel was enticed to appear on Piers Morgan's show. There's Piers, his smart-ass attitude, his glibness, the guile ... and Rachels just fends it all off, effortlessly. Unflappable. You have to say ... the woman is focused.

But, in a nutshell, she believes the following. Trayvon hit first, possibly as a result of Zimmerman trying to pull a citizen's arrest. Also, on the phone, before they met, Rachel told Trayvon that maybe George was a homosexual, and the idea of a rapist came up. (So, you can see another possible starting point in all of this, and I have to say, it's a lot better theory than the prosecution had.)

She also said that Trayvon was only giving Zimmerman some 'whoop-ass', he wasn't trying to kill him. Makes sense to me.

Watch her on tape, if you are so inclined. Bear in mind, she speaks 'Eubonics" ... a kind of English that is border-line not-English. Her terminology sometimes has to be explained.


Also, the Rush Limbaugh take ... in a way, Rush is translating Eubonics for the general listener.
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Rachel Jeantel's Version

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