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PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2012 1:32 am    Post subject: The Cuckhold's Lament Reply with quote

Scott Broadwell Proves to Be a Class Act in the Wake of His Wife’s Affair

From Hillary Clinton to Silda Wall Spitzer, we have seen plenty of political “Good Wives” stoically survive on the public stage. Now it’s a husband’s turn as Scott Broadwell weathers the fallout of his wife’s affair with Gen. David Petraeus.

Call him the Good Husband, seemingly as steadfast beside his errant mate as is the proverbial Good Wife.

We had Hillary Clinton and Silda Wall Spitzer. Now we have Scott Broadwell.

The more traditional male response would have been to convert sudden hurt to instant rage and demand in essence, “How dare you do this to the king?”

And to make it worse, to make it at once excruciatingly intimate and horrifyingly public, the news of Paula Broadwell’s affair with General David Petraeus first reached Scott when he and his wife were celebrating her 40th birthday with a romantic getaway at the cosy Middleton Inn in Virginia.

After a day of riding bikes and sipping champagne and a night of luxuriating in a room with a four-poster bed and a working fireplace, Scott suddenly learned what the whole world also learned. The setting could only have made the shock more unbearable, but there have been no reports of shouts or abuse as the couple abruptly departed the inn. The staff afterward only recalled that the Broadwells looked decidedly unhappy.

It's come to this -- the liberal media is lionizing the cuckhold for being a 'good sport' about his wife bedding a four star general ... after all, she got a book out of it, and probably an interview of Letterman. Screwing generals is what a poor girl has to do to get ahead these days ...

Well, it's probably pretty common in two-career families.

Now Scott Broadwell is right up there with other marital chumps, like Hillary Clinton, and Client #9's wife, Silda Spitzer.

I know I am a reactionary about these things. Tell me why I'm wrong ...
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The Cuckhold's Lament

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